Wal-Mart announces availability of Apple iPhone 3G, starting Sunday, December 28

Wal-Mart has officially announced the availability of the revolutionary Apple iPhone 3G at nearly 2,500 Wal-Mart stores beginning Sunday, December 28, 2008.

The retailer will offer the black 8GB iPhone 3G model with the every day price of US$197 and the 16GB black or white model for $297, with a new two-year service agreement from AT&T or qualified upgrade. Wal-Mart’s price match policy also allows stores to match the price of any local competitor’s advertised store price on the same item within the same promotional period.

“We are delighted to bring customers this ground-breaking mobile technology,” said Gary Severson, senior vice president, Entertainment, Wal-Mart, in the press release. “Our electronics associates have been preparing for many weeks for the arrival of iPhone 3G. We are excited to now help new customers learn more about the features and services that make the iPhone unique.”

The new iPhone 3G combines all the revolutionary features of iPhone plus 3G networking that is twice as fast, built-in GPS for expanded location-based mobile services, and iPhone 2.2 software which includes support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and runs over 10,000 third party applications available through the new App Store.

Customers can find more information and assistance at the Apple iPhone 3G kiosks located at the Walmart Connection Center in the Home Entertainment department. Electronics associates are ready to assist customers with purchase questions, demonstrations and activation.

Source: Wal-Mart

MacDailyNews Take: Merry Christmas, RIM. wink


  1. We should not be celebrating anything to do with Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is a company which is focused on destroying communities, destroying people’s livelihoods, and destroying the environment. You can learn all about it by watching the documentary “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price”. More details at http://www.walmartmovie.com

  2. Why not (also) hate the gap & co for putting the locally owned clothing, dress & lingerie shops out of business?
    Because walmart is the biggest and more successful?
    That’s silly.
    Because they cater to working class america?
    (if so you, need to have a long sit down with a mirror)
    Because they pay unskilled workers lower wages?
    Actually walmart is at or above most other nation companies (both US and abroad), Wake up and smell the coffee. Got no skills? Well… you can’t make much money stocking shelves, better learn to do something well or suffer the consequences

    I shop at Wallmart, I shop at Gap. I buy my wife undies at Victoria’s Secret (and she buys clothes at Limited and Bananna republic.)

  3. Good post “why all the Walmart hated”. MacBill is obviously “Liberal Moonbat Snob Bill”.

    Walmart offers 7000 outlets for the iPhone. I shop there quite a bit and I have a 6 figure income as does most of the folks in my community.

    Good move Apple!

  4. That Walmart movie was pure crap. There were no valid arguments against Walmart there. My family can afford to buy a lot more clothes, meds, etc. at Walmart because of its low prices. If you want to pay more elsewhere, by all means, be stupid.

  5. The objection to Walmart is almost always a bunch of brainwashed pro-Union morons who need the union to protect their lazy asses.

    For the rest of us, Walmart provides a great service to the community – affordable basic needs.

  6. @ MacBill

    I wouldn’t say they’re focused on destroying communities. I’d say they’re focused on earning revenue and they don’t care what happens to the communities.

  7. Wal-Mart is a company which is focused on making a 10% profit.

    Apple is a company which is focused on making a 30% profit.

    If Wal-Mart is evil? What is our favorite fruit company?

  8. @ Al

    > If Wal-Mart is evil? What is our favorite fruit company?

    Apple makes “30% profit” because it has worked hard to put itself in a position where it can average about 30% profit margin. If WalMart could average 30% profit margin, they would too; I’m sure on some products they sell, they make well over 30% profit.

    Apple is a for-profit business that has shareholders. Any suggestion that Apple (or WalMart) is “evil” because they try to make as much profit as possible is stupid.

  9. “Comment from: ken1w
    @ Al –
    Apple is a for-profit business that has shareholders. Any suggestion that Apple (or WalMart) is “evil” because they try to make as much profit as possible is stupid.”

    Dude, you know this is a pro-Obamalama site, does you not? Capitalism is out, stupidity (communism [socialism]) is in!

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