21 cool apps for Apple’s revolutionary iPhone

“So, you’ve got a gleaming new iPhone 3G. After you make a few calls to tell your friends, snap a few pictures, and try out the Web browser, it’s time to load that thing up with software. After all, this device lets you go way beyond the usual calling, texting, and surfing. Apple’s communicator extraordinaire knows how it’s moving in space, can tell where it is on the planet, and lets you control it with multi-finger gestures. Few desktop computers give programmers as many possibilities, and developers have responded with hundreds of applications. The 21 apps we’ve collected here will transform your new device into far more than a phone,” Michael Muchmore wrties for PC Magazine.

PC Magazine’s list in alphabetical order:

01. Air Sharing – $6.99
02. BeejiveIM – $15.99
03. Caddy.me Lite – $9.99
04. CameraBag – $2.99
05. eReader – Free
06. Facebook – Free
07. Ms. Pac-Man – $5.99
08. Ocarina – $0.99
09. OneTap Movies – Free
10. Pandora – Free
11. Photogene – $2.99
12. Real Soccer 2009 – $7.99
13. Seadragon Mobile – Free
14. Simplify Media – Free
15. Speakeasy Voice Recorder – $1.99
16. Sportacular – Free
17. Stanza – Free
18. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed – $7.99
19. TextGuru – $4.99
20. Yahoo oneConnect – Free
21. Zagat to Go ’09 (for iPhone) – $9.99

The full article, which contains reviews for each app on the list, is here.


  1. twodales,
    Shazam is the app that I show people on the iPhone (I don’t have one – I show them on other people’s) that makes them freak out and realize what a game-changer the iPhone really is.

    Apple’s commercial showing Shazam in action has brought many cries of “Holy $#!t!” from my friends when they see it on TV for the first time.

  2. MB,

    me too. I’m addicted.

    Of course I play it on the iPod touch. A better gaming device than the iPhone.
    It has a faster processor and everything runs more smoothly.

    Of course the article doesn’t even mention the iPod touch, which is now probably outselling the iPhone.

  3. MobileFiles? You have GOT to be kidding. What a buggy pile of crap. MobileFiles Pro is even worse! Check it out. Seriously, buy it and try to enter an equation in the spreadsheet. It will frustrate you to tears. Bloody tears.

    Air Sharing FTW!

  4. I have bought many apps, but there is only one that I continue to use on a daily basis–Aurora Feint: The Arena.

    Everyone download it now!!! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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