Accessory-maker points to new Apple ‘iPhone nano’

Is Apple about to announced the iPhone nano?

It is, according to iPhone case maker XSKN.

Tony Smith reports for The Register, “[XSKN] doesn’t have a picture of the product, but it does have a section on its website with exactly that name. It’s present alongside ‘iPhone 3G’ and ‘iPhone 1st Gen’, along with sections devoted to HTC phones, BlackBerries, all the iPods and more.”

Smith reports, “XSKN’s addition was spotted by MacRumors, which notes that the company did the same thing in the run-up to the iPhone 3G launch and the fourth-gen iPod Nano. Many observers were sceptical about the site’s actions – then backed up with pictures – but they turned out to be accurate representations of Apple’s new product designs.”

Full article here.


  1. Just like they did with the iPod, they start with their halo device then branch downward into smaller less expensive versions. Whether it comes now or later makes little difference; it will happen eventually. It does make me wonder what they would leave out. An iPhone shuffle with no display?? Shudder! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Well since Apple has an exclusive agreement with AT&T;, I don’t think you will see it available for other carriers. I think Apple would have to pay AT&T;a lot of cash to get out of the contract if Apple even wanted to.

  3. A smaller iPhone is inevitable (I voted mid 2009 in MDN’s “poll.”) Apple may as well take advantage of the opportunity posed by the embarrassingly lame copy-cats to prove that they’re the only ones capable of this kind of innovation. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the XSKN case turns out to be authentic, then again I’ve seen better fakes. But there would be a huge market for a smaller device, with or without 3G. Even a slightly thicker body to expand battery size and memory capacity would be acceptable to me, so yeah, I’d buy one.

  4. If apple do thisxright this iPhone nano could be massivecin the mobile sector.

    Imagine a smaller touch screen iPhone with basic phone functionality, SMS, email and safari, iTunes and app stores and there you have it.

    Now imagine it being available in clip-on different colour plastic covers and you have an affordable and compelling phone for kids and people who only need a basic phone.

    Finally add a price point of around £49-99 and make it ulocked and available to all networks via subscription and pay as you go and you have a winning device that people who can’t afford a standard iPhone but want to get into the apple tech but don’t want

  5. The iPhone 3G barely fits from ear to mouth much less one 2/3 it’s size. Dream on.  will never release an iPhone Nano. They’re next product will be a super thin redesigned Mac Mini. ( Then a netbook with a contract to AT&T;. Then a $10 a month fee to use your iPhone as a portable wifi system (like with the unlocked ones). The next update will be announced January 9 2009 and will include: Copy and Paste (as seen @ along with the long promised ability for apps to run in the background. There will be no MMS. They will also include a search feature in mail along with the ability to search through mail. They will also include landscape keyboard and viewing for SMS and the Mail app. It will be a free update to all iPhone users and all iPod Touch users that have paid for the 2.0 update.


  6. I still don’t understand the concept of an iPod Nano.

    The full iPod is only $199, and could be lower. How does Apple produce Nano-style iPhone that significantly lowers the price as compared to the full sized iPhone…keep in mind the full size iPhone could come down in price to $149 or lower.

    There are artificial marketing ways to differentiate the products, but that doesn’t count. In other words, a 2GB or 4GB iPhone wouldn’t cost Apple that much less, but would ultimately hurt Apple in terms of selling music and apps.

    Reducing the screen size = incompatibility with most apps…and again not really helping so much on the price.

    And of course anything that doesn’t require a data plan makes little sense either as AT&T;is less likely to subsidize.

  7. You hear people talk about the iPhone experience. They are gaga about the Apps, the interface, the iPod functions and the internet experience.

    They like the widescreen keyboard but the portrait sized keyboard not so much.

    The camera is just so, so with no movie capability as a drawback.

    The actual cell phone capabilities are biggest complaint about the iPhone.

    Now you are saying a iPhone Nano will be a big hit when it’s primary usage, cell phone, will be it’s weakest feature.

    There will be good music iPod capabilities but games, internet, typing and movies will not be great features on a small screen iPhone Nano.

    People who try an iPhone Nano will not be getting that great iPhone experience.

    If it actually exists it will not be a big hit.

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