Apple uses OpenCL and OpenGL take on Microsoft’s DirectX

“The broad industry support Apple is building around OpenCL will help increase the critical mass behind OpenGL, the 2D and 3D graphics language Apple uses extensively in Mac OS X,” Prince McLean reports for AppleInsider.

“Since the mid 90s, Microsoft has worked to prevent the adoption of OpenGL as an interoperable industry standard in favor of its own proprietary DirectX portfolio of graphics software and gaming tools,” McLean reports. “Microsoft’s DirectX strategy was originally intended to push DOS game developers to Windows; it has since served to tie PC gaming to Windows, as DirectX is only available on Windows. Successive versions of DirectX have also been used to push developers to the latest version of Windows; for example, the latest version 10 was intended to result in a crop of Vista-only games that would boost Vista sales. However, this did not work out as intended, as the slow uptake of Vista prevented any real market for DirectX 10 games from developing, leaving PC games to target Windows XP instead.”

“OpenGL is now more competitive with DirectX than ever. Microsoft’s stumble with Vista and its DirectX/Direct3D version 10 has also helped to stall its momentum in the market. Microsoft plans to add OpenCL-like support for GPGPU computing into DirectX 11 in Windows 7, but Apple’s OpenCL, which is designed to work closely with OpenGL code, will arrive first and with broad industry support. Apple has also released OpenCL as a royalty-free, open standard anyone can implement on any platform,” McLean reports.

Full article – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. When I saw this link to AppleInsider I knew immediately that it was by Prince McLean AKA Eran Dilger AKA Mr. Roughly Drafted AKA Psycho Apple-Uberzealot.

    PLLLEAAAASE stop linking to that guy! Most his ramblings defy common sense – he gives good decent Mac fanboys a bad name.

  2. Apple has also released OpenCL as a royalty-free, open standard anyone can implement on any platform

    Rush Limbaugh would probably say this sounds a bit like socialism ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Could anything show the difference between MSFT and AAPL more clearly: one builds a fully-integrated computing experience, but is still magnanimous enough to involve the entire computing community in its efforts to build a better mouse-trap. And the other has created a mutant monster constructed from sealing wax, elastic bands and chewing gum and tries to prevent any kind of forward development that doesn’t solely benefit itself.

  3. NONE of this will matter one bit if Apple/OSX doesn’t continue to take market share from Windows. They don’t have to take a majority, just stay on track toward a respectable 20-30% in a few years. Apple needs to learn from the Mac slowdown in November and get back on track. Even it is mainly desktops that is the problem, there is no good reason for it. Just as Apple makes profit on every Shuffle sold, Apple could make money from selling the lower cost computers that consumers/business currently want. Apple doesn’t have to match Dell’s commodity prices, just get in the ballpark. They also need to update/upgrade their desktops faster as well as fill in the gaping holes in their computer lines. There’s just no excuse for it.
    Go Apple!!

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