Apple Store coming to Tacoma, Washington

“An Apple store may be coming to Tacoma Mall. This is based on an online advertisement for a store manager at the mall,” Kathleen Cooper reports for The News Tribune (Tacoma, WA).

Cooper reports, “Amy Barney, a spokeswoman for Apple, was tight-lipped about any plans. ‘We’ve made no announcements regarding a store in that area,’ she said.”

Cooper reports, “When asked about the online job posting, she said: ‘I can’t speak to that because I don’t handle advertising. But any job openings are listed at'”

“When you hop over to that site and check out future openings for store manager, a spot at the Tacoma Mall is among them,” Cooper reports.

Full article here.

We checked with the authority, ifoAppleStore, and found this report:

Apple will fill in coverage of its retail stores in the area south of Puget Sound (Wash.) when they locate a store inside the Tacoma Mall in that city. The mall is located along Interstate 5, and has just completed a 100,000 square-foot lifestyle expansion where Apple may locate… The store could open by July 2009.

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  1. >Next stop, Redmond Washington!

    There’s already an Apple Store a few miles away in Bellevue. The area has always been an Apple stronghold, despite the presence of Microsoft. Or one could say, since before the rise of Microsoft.

  2. Yeah, I think that they should have chosen Fife, Gig Harbor or Puyallup for this. But they could be looking for an iPod repository, since most of the people around that area are iPod buyers, more than Mac buyers.

    One of the suburbs would have been better for Apple though.
    Additionally, 6th Avenue or somewhere outside of the mall would have been better too.

  3. It’s February 2010 and I just found the posting on the Apple Web Site for the Tacoma Mall

    On the right hand column, labeled: New stores, new opportunities is the following:

    New stores, new opportunities:

    * Georgetown, DC

    Tacoma Mall
    * Tacoma, WA

    Lincoln Park
    * Chicago, IL

    Walnut Street
    * Philadelphia, PA

    * Minneapolis, MN

    As of February 5th, 2010.

    It’s Real.

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