The long arm of Apple’s iTunes

comScore, Inc. today released a study of music-related sites in Japan finding that nearly 40 percent of the Japanese online population visited an entertainment music site in August 2008. The study also revealed that Japan recorded the highest penetration of users of Apple iTunes software during the month, when compared with the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

One of the most popular digital music applications in the marketplace today is Apple iTunes, which interfaces with the Apple iPod and iPhone and provides digital music downloads. In August, there were 13.6 million iTunes software users in Japan, representing nearly one quarter of the Japanese Internet audience. Among the five countries included in the study, Japan had the highest penetration of iTunes software users and more than double the worldwide reach of 11.2 percent. To top it off, neither measure counts iTunes access by iPhones or iPod touch units!

iTunes Software Application Penetration by Selected Countries, August 2008
(Total Internet Audience, Age 15+ – Home and Work Locations*)

*Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.

Source: comScore, Inc.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Chuckles the Microsoft CEO” for the heads up.]


  1. I never thought I would use iTunes on the iPod touch as much as I do. Very convenient and makes getting the free Tuesday song easier.
    That’s many millions of users being overlooked by iPhone and touch iTunes access.

  2. Here’s a reason why I like iTunes.

    I bought Prospekt’s March by Coldplay from Amazon, or tried to as it failed to download on my MBP. I bought it last week with their promotional offer. I tried it again, the Amazon MP3 Downloader simply timed out no matter what I tried. I had this problem couple of times before and each time I had to contact Amazon to restore access to the albums from my page. Only then I could download them successfully.

    So, I tried that route again. Their CS remains excellent, and someone from India wrote me back within a few hours that I should clear cache, cookies and disable AV and firewalls and try again. Instead of arguing, I did all that to no avail. Amazon techs then tried to restore access but somehow that failed as well. A week worth of correspondence later, they confessed that they were having a technical glitch from my library link and don’t know when it might be fixed. Meanwhile they refunded me back the money suggesting I can repurchase the album. Well, the promotion was over and I’ll have to pay full price if I were to buy it again. I wrote them back, and they gave me a nice bonus ($10) for my grievances. I am very happy with their support, needless to say.

    However, instead trying my luck there again with that album, I instead searched on iTunes, and sure enough that album is selling for $5.99 right now, with iTunes Plus, and it offers the bonus video as well as the Digital Booklet which is really cool. I really like these booklet options. And so, I downloaded the album, in all its DRM free (mostly) AAC 256 kbps glory, without a glitch.

    I like iTunes. It has its limitations, like I can’t copy paste certain things there as well, like the name of the album I just mentioned etc. And I don’t like the reviews as I can’t tell the dates etc. iTunes UI can feel cramped and sometimes even MySpacey. I don’t like I can’t click on the name of the album from a single to see the album instead having to type it up. Or that some of the items won’t show their prices or ratings until I access their links. And I’m sure there are plenty.

    But overall, when on a song it just works.

    😮 )

    MDN MW: river. Boss?

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