SimCity for Apple iPhone due within weeks

“Electronic Arts will release an iPhone version of Maxis’ classic SimCity sometime next month, according to the publisher. The conversion is said to be nearly complete, and most closely resemble the third game in the series — SimCity 3000 — in terms of play and appearance,” MacNN reports.

“As usual for iPhone ports, the interface has been revised to more closely exploit multi-touch capabilities,” MacNN reports.

“SimCity for the iPhone should cost $10,” MacNN reports.

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  1. This is awesome! The sales results they will surely get this holiday season will make headlines and get the attention of other developers who will have justification to port their apps to iPhone/iPodT and then perhaps if not already on the Mac, to the Mac.

  2. The last two versions of SimCity ported to Mac by third party sources (particularly MacKiev’s version of SimCity 3000, which basically just translated Windows code on the “fly”) were terribly sluggish and buggy. There hasn’t been a good version for Mac since SimCity 2000. That’s before Will Wright made the deal with the devil, and abandoned the Mac (which the early Sim games were all programmed on/for). At least The Sims on OS X plays well…

    Hopefully EA will give enough care and attention to the #1 mobile platform to get this working well. No more sloppy seconds!!

  3. I had so much fun with sim city 3000. Especially because I was able to make cities look like NYC since it had the Twin Towers.
    Too bad they’re not on 4000. Maybe they’ll include them on the iphones version.

    3000 on an iphone ought to be fun though even if it’s on that small screen. Wish able added Video output so one can view your progress on a bigger screen.

    I still play 4000. Love it!!!!

  4. I loved Sim City but $10 for EA rehashing content that would have remained idle on the library shelves? I think $5 would move a lot more copies, $10 takes it from ‘no-brainer’ to ‘eh… will i really play it THAT much?’

  5. Am I the only person who’s really disappointed that it is most like sim city 3000? I loved 200 and 4 but, for me, 3000 is the Sim City game that God forgot about. It was TERRIBLE compared to the other games.

    Am I alone on this? I’d much rather have a game that was like 2 or 4.

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