Apple’s iTunes Store adds $4.99 Movies of the Week

“Apple has introduced a new discount option in the iTunes Store, found within the Movies section,” MacNN reports.

“Joining the company’s $0.99 Rental of the Week option, the company is now selling [Movies of the Week for $4.99 each],” MacNN reports.

“The debut Movie of the Week is James Cameron’s Terminator 2; some other [$4.99] movies include Total Recall, The Karate Kid and St. Elmo’s Fire.

Full article here.


  1. because maybe our new president doesn’t want to do business with you. a shame i know. i have no problems with canadians, but you have to have alberta do something about their beer pricing a bit overboard ya say? not sure if its a countrywide problem.

  2. I rent movies, I rarely buy them. I think I own less than 10 DVD movies. I like the 99-cent rentals, and use that feature often (but not more than once a week I guess).

  3. What about other countries?
    The iTunes Store in many other countries (in particular European ones such as Belgum) still doesn’t carry movies!!!

    Why does Apple need to go through complicated negociations with national author’s rights collecting agencies for shows/movies that are produces ELSEWHERE (e.g., in the US).
    Can’t Apple compensate these authors and producers directly?

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