The top 10 greatest geeks of all time

“Behind every great technology there’s almost always a great geek, the men and women whose vision and invention helped create the world and its technology as we know it,” Iain Thomson and Shaun Nichols report for iTNews Australia. “Often unsung and underappreciated, their own personalities or lifestyles usually keep them from gaining greater public recognition.”

“You won’t find any smooth-talking chief executives or business masterminds who built computing empires on this list (that comes next week). These people are the geek’s geeks,” Thomson and Nichols report. “They are the truly magnificent eggheads that worked their magic on the most basic levels, from invention and development to silicon and command lines.”

“With so many great minds to choose from, it was all but impossible to narrow this list down to ten but after considerable argument we’re managed it, nearly,” Thomson and Nichols report. “So at the end you’ll find a couple of honourable mentions – it was either that or a fight would have broken out.”

iTNews Australia’s Top 10 Greatest Geeks of All Time:

1: Linus Torvalds
2: Steve Wozniak: It can be argued that nobody did more to bring about the advent of home computing than Apple. While Steve Jobs was the marketing mastermind who brought the whole thing about, Woz was the engineering muscle who developed the company’s first products…
3. Sir Tim Berners-Lee
4: Seymour Cray
5: Marc Andreessen
6: Rear Admiral Grace Hopper
7: Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce
8: Alan Turing
9: Richard Stallman
10: Paul Allen

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  1. “…While Steve Jobs was the marketing mastermind who brought the whole thing about,”
    Precisely for that reason, he is the #1 geek, because if it wasn’t for him, the world wouldn’t know the personal computer, or the iPod, or the iPhone, or the OSX, or Pixar, or…..

  2. And no Jay Minor.

    No offense to Apple, but I think the Amiga did much more for modern computing than Apple did.

    When Apple was using monochrome monitors, Amiga was doing full color graphics, animation and steroe sound.

  3. @Quad Core

    Exactly what I was thinking. The Amiga made the Mac and IBM PC look like toys in its day. Had Commodore not been the most inept company in history as it relates to marketing, computers would look very differently today – and I doubt that Apple would have been relegated to a footnote as the Amiga is.

    Unfortunately, the revisionists have heavily favored Silicon Valley when they tell the story of personal computing’s infancy. But although the Amiga is largely forgotten, it was instrumental in driving things like true pre-emptive multitasking, multimedia and parallel processing for the masses.

  4. @Quad Core;

    The Amiga was released in 1985

    By your logic, Atari did more than Amiga for personal computing, as Atari had everything you listed in 1979.

    Amiga trailed Atari by 6 years!

  5. I didn’t notice The Professor on this ‘list’.

    Anyone who can run a radio on coconut juice and monkey dung while at the same time ignoring the needs of a movie starlet and a girl next door should, in my humble opinion, be at the very top of any so called “geek list”….

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