Apple applies for patent for head-tracking eyewear with gyroscope, accelerometer

“Apple has applied for a patent for an ‘automatically adjusting media display in a personal display system,’ a kind of head-tracking eyewear that gives the user ‘the impression of being in the theater,'” Robert Palmer reports for TUAW.

“The device looks not unlike a pair of goggles that display a cropped version of a larger media file. As the wearer moves his or her head, a gyroscope and accelerometer in the goggles adjust the crop of the media file, making it appear to the user as if they were in a theater-like experience,” Palmer reports.

“The patent also includes provisions for techniques to reduce eyestrain, determine when the user reaches the ‘edge’ of the media file, and zoom in and out,” Palmer reports.

More info and link to the patent application and illustrations here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: As if pan and scan doesn’t suck enough. wink


  1. Innovation, new chip design team, OS X foundation and compatibility, … and billions in cash!!! Any thing is possible and will happen with Apple and the “Just one more thing”.

    I see many personal and military uses for this. You know the military gets the chip designs from Apple now.

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