50 man-hour MacBook Pro review with video and more

“Apple’s newly redesigned 15″ MacBook Pro improves upon the graphics, RAM, and CPU performance of the previous generation while adopting the strong lines and unibody construction of the MacBook Air, the keyboard of the 2006 consumer MacBook, the environmentally friendly design of last year’s iMac, and the iPhone’s headphone mic, resulting a strong package of cross pollination across Apple’s various branches,” Prince McLean reports for AppleInsider.

“AppleInsider spent upwards of 50 man hours on this six-page review of Apple’s new MacBook Pro. Therefore, the report is quite lengthy,” McLean reports.

“The new unibody MacBook Pro is much better built, more attractive, thinner, stronger and more rigid, with a nicer feel to the display lid and easier access to the disk and internals. It chooses a nice balance between weight and performance, using a smaller battery but compensating with greater overall efficiency to retain the same battery life as previous models,” McLean reports.

“The glossy screen will not appeal to some users, but the display itself looks great, and is a significant jump up in quality compared to the smaller MacBook. The new keyboard is great and the new trackpad offers some welcomed improvements, although it also presents some frustrating annoyances due to its differences,” McLean reports. “You’ll have to get used to it.”

McLean reports, “If you’re in the market for a replacement MacBook Pro, the new model makes a great, well rounded upgrade.”

TOns more in the extremely comprehensive reviews – recommended – here.


  1. Prophet of boom,

    And then one day, the masses woke up. Stunned by their own ignorance.

    “we sold the good with the bad”
    “we panicked when we should have analyzed”
    “in the spirit of margin call, we sold all”

    But realizing that people still wanted to eat, travel, communicate, and compute, life went on.

    People were reallocated from inefficient businesses and industries to those with greater efficiencies.

    Well managed companies emerged stronger than before.

    And owners of the well managed businesses were rewarded for their foresight and equity.

    As they said during the French revolution, “when everyone around you is losing their head, it’s a good time to keep yours”.

    (and if they are selling their spare head for an attractive price, perhaps you should buy it…for two heads are better than one…especially when they are undervalued)

  2. @Mike T.
    If the keys are all that bother you, then it must be a good machine. What’s wrong with black and aluminum, anyway?

    Aesthetics are fine, but concern over the appearance of a keyboard? I’d buy a MBPro 15″ in a heartbeat if I was in the market. Looks like a tremendous laptop.

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