Apple Hires Yale’s Business School Dean for Apple University

“Apple Inc. is hiring the dean of Yale University’s business school to start a new project that it calls Apple University,” Yukari Iwatani Kane reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“The Cupertino, Calif., company said Joel Podolny, the dean of the Yale School of Management will join Apple as vice president and dean of Apple University, but declined to provide details about the university or the position,” Kane reports. “Mr. Podolny will be stepping down as dean on Nov. 1, but will stay at Yale until the end of the year, a Yale spokesman said. She said Mr. Podolny will take up his new position in early 2009.”

“Corporate universities, which typically offer classes to employees, are a growing trend… Pixar Animation Studios — whose largest shareholder was Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs before being sold to Walt Disney Co. in 2006 — also has a program that it calls Pixar University, at which it conducts three-month long classes for new and existing animators,” Kane reports.

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  1. Can I upload my transcript to Apple U?

    What’s the mascot?

    Do they offer scholarships for fencing?

    Will the Yale dean set up an online Morry’s for drinks and discussions? Can I purchase the Wiffenpoof performances for 99 cents per song?

    Any good pizza establishments near the Apple U.?

    How do I become an Apple U. professor? I’m interested!

  2. The term “university” seems a bit grandiose when applied to a “school” with but a single educational course, or threads of courses. Especially if that program is less than “four years” long for your typical student. Apple’s offering of “iTunes U” is somewhat different in that you can study materials from multiple brick & mortar universities every day of the week for years on end – even if iTunes itself does not offer any “threads”. If Apple is planning on offering work-related “education” and call it a “university” … I’ve been to a university, and that isn’t “it”. But, love iTunes U!

  3. If Apple is hiring a high-ranking person from well-established academia, it would only make sense that the plan for a project called “Apple University” would be to build some sort of, well, university.

    It might be some combination of courses related to Apple’s professional software and Mac OS, but with more formalised structure.

    It certainly is intriguing.

  4. Really guys? C’mon, this is easy. Apple U will be available to teach employees, have training courses, etc. Some will be simple corporate entry-level things, some will be higher-up management courses. More like seminars or short, 2-3 week interim sessions.

    He’s the Dean at Yale’s business school. As a Dean, it doesn’t get much better. You gotta try something new and different! Pay probably will be nice, too.

    Lots of companies do this — Caterpillar U comes to mind. It’s not a new concept!

  5. How about a program that will provide a better environment (AKA MSDN done right for OS X) targeted to Micro$oft developers, Developers, DEVELOPERS…

    The last checkbox Apple needs to overcome the push-back from Corporate America.

  6. Jeff is right, there are many companies that do this type of “University”. My wife’s company does it and my company is planning on starting one. I feel quite certain that this “University” will be for employee training and not for the general public.

    However, it would be nice to be able to take “classes” from Apple or at least get access to material that they have written on certain products/programming/etc. that Apple offer . . . or do they already offer up something of the like?

  7. Will Apple U. finally provide an easily accessible place to get the various Apple certifications, especially the more esoteric ones, like XSan? I get really weary of having to do overnights to take certification test, and I can’t even find a place, anywhere, where I can take the XSan certification.

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