CNET: Hands-on with Apple’s new 15-inch MacBook Pro

“When Apple announced its new notebooks on Tuesday, it said the new machines would be in the company’s retail stores the next day,” Peter Glaskowsky reports for CNET. “So I went to the Apple store at the Westfield Valley Fair mall in Santa Clara, California… It looked as good in real life as it does in the pictures. The tapered edges make it look thinner than it really is, considerably more svelte than the older MacBook Pros like mine.”

“The trackpad was very nice, easily the best I’ve ever used. It also doesn’t look or feel like glass. I can confirm that Apple thought of the same thing that I did in my previous post–a click with one finger generates a left-click, and a tap with two fingers generates a right-click. Awesome,” Glaskowsky reports. “So now Apple has the world’s only two-button mouse that doesn’t have any buttons at all, and it isn’t even a mouse!”

“As for the new glass-face display: I’m sure it’ll be great for watching movies in a dark room. I’m sure it’ll be fine for most purposes, if you’re in a dark room. And wearing dark clothing, and nothing shiny. But wow, I really don’t like to see windows or lights or my clothing reflected in glossy displays, and the only way this new machine’s display could be any more glare-prone is if it were mirrored like a highway cop’s sunglasses,” Glaskowsky reports.

MacDailyNews Note: You can easily make a glossy screen matte, but you simply cannot make a matte screen glossy. Apple MacBook, iMac screens too glossy? Apply inexpensive non-glare film – November 05, 2007

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  1. Glossy is the killer. Doesn’t matter how wonderful the notebook is the visual interface still sucks.

    Glossy creates eye strain because of the glare. Eye strain takes a toll on your eyes over time as well as promoting headaches for many people.

    This is purely a cost saving move by Apple. Give everyone want Apple wants to give them and they’ll be happy about it if we tell them this is what they want.

  2. How much will it cost to add a matte filter? $10? $15? I know it’s annoying not to have the matte option to begin with, but when the fix is so easy and inexpensive, the level of uproar seems out of place. Granted, I haven’t seen any of the filters at work, so I stand corrected if they don’t work.

  3. @Greg,

    Thank you. For helping rile up the masses. It doesn’t matter if one can purchase a matte film for cheap to get rid of the glossy–what matters is having something to bitch and moan about.

    Now, that’s what we’re all about!

  4. Greg M

    Spoken from someone that hasn’t laid his hands on one of the new displays, obviously.

    The led backlight is strong enough to wash out most of the glare. Similar to iPhone’s screen.


  5. “What part of the following statement did you not understand, exactly?”

    How about the fact that any “filter” placed on a screen does effect the quality of the display. Only an idiot minion would believe that there is some magical application that will transform the screen into something that it isn’t.

    Glossy with a filter on it is not the same as a true matt screen. When spending $2000 I shouldn’t have to put a $10 filter on the screen.

  6. Not a bad review in terms of what the guy thinks about the product, but a bit shocking in that he doesn’t seem to know much about computers or Apple computers in particular.

    He did not know about the 2 finger clicking? (It almost seemed as if he was taking credit for inventing the idea as well.)

    He did not know what the “slot” was beside the battery indicator lights? (the ExpressCard slot).

    This is kind of like if your grandpa reviewed a computer.

  7. I agree with you. I bought my Pro with the glossy screen and you see right through the glare. In fact I can see this screen way better than any matte screen mac laptop I had before. People just like to bitch without using. Just like people complaining about the iPhone keyboard without ever using one.

  8. I checked out the new 13″ MacBooks at a local Apple Store.
    Very nice fit & function. The new trackpad works so simply for clicking, beautiful screen and it’s remarkably thin. It’s a winner.

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