Apple’s next-gen 17-inch MacBook Pro due early next year

“Apple on Tuesday introduced its next-generation 13-inch MacBooks and 15-inch MacBook Pros but was unable to ramp production of its new 17-inch model, which is now expected to make an appearance by early next year,” AppleInsider reports.

There has been “some form of delay affecting the new 17-inch models, which would have ideally made their debut this week had matters played out differently. Those people reported sightings of the larger model undergoing tests in Apple’s labs, and as would be expected, they resemble a slightly larger version of the new 15-inch MacBook Pro,” AppleInsider reports.

“As avid readers may recall, this isn’t the first time that a 17-inch MacBook Pro missed the first boat out of China,” AppleInsider reports. “The situation was nearly identical back in 2006 when Apple introduced its first ever MacBook Pro at the Macworld Expo in January… About three months after the 15-inch MacBook Pro made its debut, Apple introduced the first 17-inch MacBook Pro.”

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MacDailyNews Take: To those of you who are stuck waiting for the 17-inch MacBook Pro, we commiserate; we’re waiting for that one, too.


  1. Heh heh heh.

    You all wanna bet that the new macbook pro 17″ a few months from now will NOT have any firewire ports?
    I say it won’t.

    Isn’t it obvious by now that Steve has decided to give up on firewire? He is going to force the entire apple market to convert to USB 2.0.

  2. Actually I’d rather see the “refreshed” 17 inch delayed forever. The black frame around the screen looks ugly and cheap. Apple computers start to look more and more like Dell computers. If it continues like this, I will have to stick to my current MB Pro forever …

  3. Did anyone watch the keynote? I heard Steve Jobs say that the firewire 800 port would support firewire 400 peripherals with an adaptor. What’s the big deal? Onward and upward, right? I’m just pissed that it doesn’t have a floppy drive.

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