Has Apple tipped its hand about new features for 2G iPod touch?

“The [2G] iPod touch offers interesting technology improvements,” Gregory A. Quirk reports for EETimes.

“We identified two significant component changes in the iPod touch. First is the manufacturer of the NAND Flash memory. The 8-GB iPod touch contains Micron NAND Flash. The previous touch had memory supplied by Samsung and the iPhone 3G uses Toshiba,” Quirk reports.

“The second change, and more significant, was the inclusion of the Broadcom BCM4325. This is a low-power 802.11 a/b/g with Bluetooth 2.1 + enhanced data rate (EDR) and an FM receiver. This device provides the wireless connectivity to access Web sites, iTunes and apps store, and communicate with accessories like the Nike+ iPod Sensor (which does not need the Sports Kit when used with the second-generation iPod touch),” Quirk reports.

“Interestingly, Apple has not indicated that the iPod touch even had Bluetooth functionality. And though the Broadcom device has the capability, there are not, as yet, any applications to take advantage of this feature,” Quirk reports.

“So has Apple tipped its hand about new features for the iPod touch? There are many applications that could easily be added to the player with only a slight change to the firmware code,” Quirk reports. “Considering the ability to connect wirelessly to the Internet, Apple could introduce VoIP capabilities with a Bluetooth headset, or even just add Bluetooth wireless stereo headphones for listening to music.”

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  1. I am using iPhone in my car every day. It’s 100% compatible with the Range Rover bluetooth system for the one that might be interested. And if you add the iPod connectivity it’s also working great. So you can charge the iPhone use the bluetooth to talk hands free and use car dial hang on/off buttons.
    You can play music via music system. And even get s second USB port to charge my wife’s iPhone. Very cool.
    Few minuses though (it’s not a perfect world!)
    -You can’t use the address book of the iPhone with car dialing.
    -You can’t see the music you are playing on the radio screen. On the GPS screen it would be cool.
    -You can’t play videos via the GPS screen either.
    I wish I could plan my trips on the iPhone, view the traffic live on the screen so I can adjust my way. Basically use the car screen while in the car. So many new features to implement for the near future. Exciting…

  2. Bluetooth sucks, especially for listening to music. It’s data transfer rate is so slow, it can barely match AM radio sound quality in MONO. I shutter to think how god awful stereo Bluetooth headphones sound.

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