Analysts: iPhone sales drastically beat Q4 expectations, Apple reaches 10 million iPhone goal

“Based on the tremendous efforts by members at Mac Observer’s AFB [Apple Finance Board] to track IMEI iPhone numbers, we have determined that Apple has drastically surpassed analyst’ Q4 iPhone sales estimates, and that Apple has reached its goal of selling 10 million iPhones in 2008. The consensus estimates for iPhone sales figures for Apple’s Q4 (calendar Q3) were calling for approximately 4 million units. It now appears that Apple has sold at least 7 to 7.5 million iPhones in Q4—that’s nearly 80% above consensus. Apple has far surpassed even Gene Munster’s bullish estimates of 5 million iPhone sales in Q4 according to the data,” Andy M. Zaky and Turley Muller report for Bullish Cross.

“The latest IMEI [International Mobile Equipment Identity] data point collected by AFB was 9,190,680—an 8GB Black iPhone recorded as manufactured on September 29 and sold on October 5. This suggests that even if a whopping 1.5 million iPhones of the total IMEI registered devices are unsold as of today, an unlikely assumption, it would still put 3G iPhone sales at 7.6 million units and 2008 iPhone sales at over 10 million units,” Zaky and Muller report. “Coming into the quarter, Apple had already sold 2.42 million iPhones. Thus, 7.6 million 3G iPhones sold puts Apple above 10 million units for the year.”

More in the full article, including some well-deserved criticism of so-called analysts Toni Sacconaghi, Kathryn Huberty, and others, here.

[Attribution: Fortune. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jersey_Trader” for the heads up.]


  1. seems like this is more of a selling opportunity than buying… it goes up one day then oh look its down $10… I’ll hold off till im not losing an insane amount of money since I bought at 110 thinking it wouldn’t go down much more.

  2. more good news, AAPL will tank again, along with the rest of market.

    for years people bought into the market no matter how bad things looked. all the economists i know started talking about “irrational exuberance.” now we have irrational panic.

    …..may you live in interesting times.

  3. I gotta find a way to free up more cash somehow. As it stands, I’m all in. At $134, then at $108. AAPL will not be back at $200 any time soon, but that’s the fault of the market rather than the company. Interesting that we could find $750B to bail out the Fat Cats but couldn’t find $750M to help a little in the schools, or health insurance, or … sorry, is my “liberal” bias showing?

  4. “Just bought 470 AAPL at 93.-“

    And sadly you just lost $6 /share. I’m with you though. I’m buying as soon as my sales settles from selling on the rumor that Steve was dead last week. (Friggin rumor mongers). I’ll end up clearing at least 15$ per share though when its all said and done

  5. We’re entering uncharted financial territory here. DOW now under 10,000. NASDAQ down. S&P;down. International stocks down. Real estate is down. So even diversification didn’t help us.

    The fact that AAPL is approaching “value stock” territory may reflect a buying opportunity, but those whose AAPL holdings are now “under water” aren’t cheered. This month’s conference call can’t come soon enough.

  6. On March 17, 2008 “Scheduler” VERY SARCASTICALLY said:

    “I come here daily and see MDN and the fanboys here bragging about the upcoming “game changer” and “bloodbath” because Apple themselves has targeted the stated goal of 1 whole percent of the world market.

And now we see, they might not even achieve that. 

Wow, Iphone. Less than 1% of the market in a year and 1/2…

Bloodbath. WOW! We currently have .4% of the market. As they say at MDN, “This is Huge”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!s”

    Well, with a quarter to go, Apple has already reached its goal.

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