RUMOR: Apple’s ‘Brick’ to be first all-screen Multi-Touch™ notebook?

“Here’s hoping that Apple’s feverishly-anticipated ‘Brick’ project is the world’s first all-screen laptop — like this mockup of the OLPC version 2 by designer Yves Behar,” Leander Kahney blogs for Cult of Mac.

“There’s slim chance, of course, but I for one would love a computing device like this: A hybrid iPhone-meets-Macbook-Air that would put hot netbooks like the EeePC to shame,” Kahney writes. “Apple’s ‘Brick’ would be a hybrid laptop/tablet/ebook that dispenses with a physical keyboard and trackpad in favor of a virtual, adaptive UI that blends multitouch, gestures and its own orientation to switch between different modes:”

• Laptop
• Tablet
• eBook
• Tabletop

Kahney writes, “And why’s it called “Brick”? Because it smashes Windows!”

More in the full article here.


  1. that would be beyond “the shit”. I really hope Apple has something like that coming out…. I think I could give up my Touch for that… or maybe just add it to the “i” family.

    The Dude abides.

  2. I think one of the reasons the new apple keyboard has flat, chicklet-type keys is that Steve knows these things will eventually becomes small lcd displays themselves.

    I have great hopes for a little device like this – I hope Apple does it.

  3. I WANT THAT!!

    Well, actually, I’m hoping that Apple can remove that very CLUMSY border in the middle of the two screens. I want them to use flexible display technology to either unite the two displays or just make one display that is fully or partially flexible.
    And at the same time integtrate a highly advanced form of Multi-Touch.


  4. You know what,
    This thing could be waterproof. I mean, there are ways to charge a device using proximity now so no need for a hole to plug in the power cable.

    So with wifi and cooler processors, maybe heatsinks could suffice and you could then use it in the bath.

    You heard it here first Apple ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  5. Putting EeePC to shame isn’t hard. Hell the first clam shell iBook puts todays so-called ultra compact notebooks to shame.

    It’d be nice to be the first to have the all screen portable, but I doubt it. Apple’s resources are stretched a bit thin now, but most importantly, Jobs wouldn’t let it fly unless it’s ‘insanely great’. Apple isn’t about being the ‘1st’, just the best. You can be sure that when something like it does come out, it’ll put the other ‘firsts’ to shame.

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