Macally extends Apple iPhone and iPod battery life

Macally today announced the availability of three products, the Macally PowerLink, PowerPal and JboxMini, all of which extend iPhone and iPod battery life and improve these devices’ functionality through unique design features.

“With the multiple features now found on iPods and iPhones, the batteries are being taxed more than ever, and consumers are looking for new power options,” said Andrew Saldana, vice president of sales and marketing, Macally. “Our new PowerLink, PowerPal and JboxMini are not only fulfilling that need but are also offering out-of-the-box functionality for storage, international travel and improved portability.”

These new innovative accessories for the iPod and iPhone devices include the following:

• Macally PowerLink: This device is a go-to gadget for iPhone and iPod users. It has a standard 30-pin dock connector and can act as a mobile emergency external battery pack for an iPod or iPhone. It also adds1 hour of talk time to an iPhone that’s been completely drained. It can be used as a syncing and charging device for an iPod or iPhone via a connection to a computer while also recharging the PowerLink itself. The PowerLink is also a 2GB flash drive, so iPod and iPhone users can store and transport files while syncing and charging. A USB extension cable is included. The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for the PowerLink is US$49.99. The device is shipping now.

• Macally PowerPal: A must-have product for international travelers, the PowerPal is a combination USB, AC charger and universal power adaptor that can charging virtually any USB device such as an iPhone, iPod, camera and PDA. It provides interchangeable plugs for North and South America, Taiwan, Japan, Europe, China, Middle East, Russia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hang Kong, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. It also offers a fuse compartment (including and extra fuse) and a Universal pass through outlet–so users still have access to a plug, even when the adaptor plugged into an outlet. It comes with a standard iPod 30-pin to USB charging cable and a carrying pouch. The MSRP for the PowerPal is $29.99. The device is shipping now.

• JBoxMini: The JBoxMini is an external high capacity Li-ion battery for iPod and iPhones, designed for long flights, outdoor activities, or anywhere these devices might be used long enough to run out of power. The compact device not only increases the usage time of iPhone and iPod by up to 4 hours, it can also power other USB-based portable devices while on the go. Features include a built-in battery tester button, a battery level LED indicator and a power on/off switch to save the battery power when not in use. The MSRP for the PowerPal is $29.99. The device is shipping now.

Source: Macally


  1. I prefer the mophie Juice Pack – comes out at the end of October… longer talk times and standby times and listenig/viewing times…

    A bit more expensive but in this case you get what you pay for.

    PS: tired to goto the Macally links and was greeted with their new spash page:

    “service not available”

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