PocketMac syncs Entourage, Meeting Maker and Lotus Notes to Apple iPhone

Information Appliance Associates today announced the release of the PocketMac for iPhone which gives iPhone users new options for synching.

“We’re incredibly excited,” said Terence Goggin, CTO of Information Appliance Associates, in the press release. “The iPhone is great and we want to extend what iPhone users can do. That’s where PocketMac for iPhone comes in. Now iPhone users can sync data from three of the major personal information managers: Entourage, Meeting Maker, and Lotus Notes.”

This new tool offers sync options for users of Entourage, Meeting Maker and Lotus Notes, such as category selection. Users can sync contacts and calendars from any of these three applications and select only the categories of their data they’d like synched. PocketMac for iPhone supports all models of iPhone.

Goggin added, “Since the first iPhone came out, customers have not been able to properly sync data if they wanted to use anything but iCal or Address Book. With PocketMac for iPhone, that all changes. We wanted to give our users options for the three most popular personal information managers that are currently not being serviced. And it’s all in one simple package.”

Additionally, PocketMac for iPhone acts as a backup agent, ensuring that every time a user syncs their iPhone to iTunes, PocketMac for iPhone backups both their call log and all of their SMS text messages. Backup can occur on the user’s local Mac or their Mobile Me server.

Goggin continued, “Text messages and call logs are a record of your daily life. If something happens to your iPhone, all of that would normally be lost. Therefore, it was crucial that this application provided comprehensive backup of this data. It’s your life and we wanted to make sure it was never lost. “

PocketMac for iPhone includes a unique BackupViewer application that allows the user to review the call logs and text messages or export them to a text file. That comes in handy when a business user needs to report billable phone and texting time. Also, if an iPhone user is a regular 411 user, she can have the information texted to her iPhone; with the BackupViewer, the user can now add the contact data in those texts to their Address Book with one click.

“We can’t wait for iPhone users to try out this robust new product,” Goggin concluded. “They’ll be able to sync all their contacts and calendars and make sure they have a complete backup of all their data.”

PocketMac for iPhone works on the world’s most advanced operating system, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, and retails for US$29.95.

More info here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Julia” for the heads up.]


  1. That’s all fine and nice, but what’s happening with Lotus Notes client for the iPhone? After MS Exchange, Lotus Notes had the most enterprise seats out there. It has a sizeable chunk of groupware market. I know IBM announced a web-based solution way back in February, but that ain’t gonna cut it. We need a full client, with push-type notification, integration with the calendar and contacts, and perhaps the ability to run Notes applications just as we do on desktop client.

    The desktop client is developed in Java (on Eclipse); how hard could it be to properly port it over? There must be some reasonably talented engineers in that IBM behemoth?

  2. Lotus Notes? Whyyy? Which is worst – Notes or Novell Groupwise? I’ll admit, making either one client available is necessary evil to give another quarter of all ‘enterprise’ user no more reason not to drop their Crackberry.

    But porting Java to iPhone ain’t necessarily easy, especially for known desktop bloatware behemoth like Notes.

    They need to make a clean new UI for Notes and Groupwise based on the elegance of the iPhone apps model.

  3. Freeber,

    Couldn’t agree more regarding the bloatware colossus that is Notes. I’m not sure which one is worse, but keep in mind; where Notes brings bloat, Microsoft (with its Outlook/Exchange duo) brings flakiness. I am really not quite sure if I would trade Notes for Exchange. Whichever it is, makes no difference.

    The need for a clean new UI for Notes (and Groupwise, I guess) exists even on the desktop. The Notes client for the iPhone would make iPhone accessible to a large part of enterprise market.

  4. @predrag
    They are working on it. If you have notes now connect to your email through your iphone. They call it iNotes and I assume its everything the app will be. Apparently its supposed to be out at the end of the year according to the person at IBM I spoke with.

  5. I don’t know what Terence is so excited about, but… have a look at the PocketMac software reviews at MacUpdate and VersionTracker some time! All of the PocketMac titles get truly horrible ratings – some of the worst I’ve seen. Wow…

    If the reviews are any indication, Mac users would do well to stay FAR AWAY from this software and this company!

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