Leaked µTorrent for Mac reviewed

“Although many Mac users are content with Azurues (Vuze is a bloat, and Java is best not talked about) and Transmission (I don’t like this app, even though a lot of people swear by it), a lot of them have been patiently waiting for µTorrent to make its way to our favourite platform. It has had a strong fan following on the Windows platform and is generally regarded as one of the best torrent clients in existence. So when µTorrent developers talked about the Mac version back in June 2007, there was a lot of buzz. The project was then dropped due to a lack of active developers,” Ashwin Ravindran reports for Smoking Apples.

“However, hope has been restored now as a leaked version of µTorrent makes its way through the very medium that it plans to rule. Marking its first public appearance, which happened a little earlier than expected, TorrentFreak reported the leak of the alpha version to The Pirate Bay, one of the largest public trackers in existence,” Ravindran reports.

“The official version should be out soon. You can even signup at the µTorrent site if you want to be notified as soon as it lands. As should be evident by the nature of its release, this is a very early and unstable version, which is why we’re burdening ourselves with the risk of taking it for a spin and testing it,” Ravindran reports.

Full review here.


  1. @Reese: I agree wholeheartedly that Transmission is the best torrent client in the world, but uTorrent is not a port. It is written ground-up in Cocoa and features a Leopardised interface. Certainly gonna be good.

  2. @R2

    What’s a virus?

    You don’t have to be careful – you just can’t be stupid. Every now and then when you’re new at it, you’ll download something compressed and encrypted with a link to a website that insists that the video download will only play with their malware infected player that you can download for free.

    One look at that, and you should be smart enough to know that it’s not for real.

    Oh – and for the record, their malware infected media player only runs on windows… But – that’s the sort of thing that even mac users should be cautious of.

  3. For Torrenting, specifically: When I boot up Azurues I don’t even know what to do with it. Transmission – for torrenting?

    If you want to open a torrent application and start torrenting, immediately, it’s XTorrent all of the way. And it’s my type of app. too, it’s simple, it’s clean, it works, the interface is complete, nothing’s broken, and there hasn’t been an update since I bought it two years ago. Yeah of course, the developer might have taken my 10 bucks and escaped to Mexico, but more likely, it’s one of the very few apps that is simply done, as in finished, completed – And all before I bought it. Just think of it, a software application that is actually finished – it’s unheard of.

    I’m waiting for µTorrent just out of curiosity, but how do you improve on perfect.

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