Google’s Chrome losing its shine; Apple’s Safari has over 8x Chrome’s user base

Net Applications’ “Global Internet Usage Market Share” is tracking Google Chrome by the hour, as can be seen here: Chrome Marketshare by the Hour

While Chrome got off to a very good start, reaching over 1% share within the first 24 hours of its launch, the early adopters are fading markedly. The trend line for Chrome shows it slowly losing share day by day. Now, only in the middle of the night (for the US) does Chrome peak its above 1%.

Initially, Chrome claimed all of its share at the expense of Microsoft Internet Explorer. However, as of last week, the Chrome share was coming fairly evenly from all the other major browsers except for Safari. (Chrome does not yet work natively on Mac OS X.)

Net Applications’ Weekly Share Numbers:

For these and other Global Market Share Statistics, go to

MacDailyNews Note: Net Applications collects data from the browsers of site visitors to their exclusive on-demand network of live stats customers. The data is compiled from approximately 160 million visitors per month. The information published is an aggregate of the data from this network of hosted website statistics.


  1. I for one am happy Chrome is out there. I use Safari and probably won’t change anytime soon. The way I see it, any browser that takes market share away from MS Internet Explorer and furthers web standards is a good thing. More standards compliance means a better internet experience for everyone. Enough of Microsoft thumbing their nose at established protocols. This is a good thing, even if I never use it.

  2. I like Chrome so far. I’ve started using it on my work Windows machine instead of Safari because Safari uses so much memory. It will easily get over 512MB memory and sometimes over 1GB of memory and it doesn’t free up until you quit the program.

    I like being able to do regular surfing as well as “private browsing” or “incognito” at the same time.

  3. measure again in a year.

    Exactly. Right now it’s the hardcore techies using it. Wait and see what their word-of-mouth is to the less technically inclined, and if those folks adopt.

    Firefox did not grow so big overnight either.

  4. Jeez, MDN. Have you fallen into the unsavory tactics of Macworld UK of posting tabloid-like headlines?

    I like reading MDN but it’s posts like this that makes you really sound stupid. Google Chrome has just been out for about a month. Please don’t tell me you expect Chrome to immediately get 50% of browser market share.

    Either the author of this post is naive or is just linkbaiting.

    Each MacDailyNews post should have the poster’s name. Being anonymous means you can get away with being a linkbaiter.

  5. We should welcome alternative browsers in the market. If this provides another way to reduce IEs dominance then good. Google’s reach is wide and this may help them.

    FWIW a 1 % hit rate is good for 2 weeks.

  6. Chrome is still in Beta. Give it a friggin’ break, will ya?
    Safari has less than 1/10th the market share of IE, see a comparison there?
    What share of the Windows market does Safari control? Or does Firefox control? What share of the Mac market does Firefox control? More significant questions than you might think. You just might find that the majority of users on either platform typically use the “native” browser for one reason or another. And, ONE of those reasons would be because they are “concerned” about the process of downloading and/or installing software to replace the built-in software that “works fine, thanks”. Even if they’ve been told, or even shown that something else is in one way or another “better”.
    Chrome could outshine Safari (on Windows) by this time next year. I’m OK with that.

  7. Well it is still in beta, and Google have stopped advertising Chrome on the Google home page. When Chrome comes out of beta (if ever), I’m sure they will advertise Chrome on the Google home page again.

  8. Since I’m stuck with Windows at work, I’m very happy Chrome was released. I doubt I’d use a Mac version, but it’s a Godsend on Windows. I’d look for it to eat more IE share eventually (IE is utterly gawd-awful, and I have no idea why anyone would use that POS).

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