vnunet: Samsung’s wannabe Omnia just cannot match Apple’s revolutionary iPhone

“Samsung’s Omnia smartphone seems to have been designed as the Windows Mobile answer to the iPhone. But, while it has a touch-driven display, the Omnia just cannot match the simplicity of Apple’s user interface,” Daniel Robinson reports for

“The SGH-i900 Omnia… adds a custom user interface called TouchWiz on top of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.1 platform. However, we found this simply adds another layer of complexity rather than making the handset easier to use,” Robinson reports.

“The ‘main menu’ has user-friendly icons linking to common functions, but tapping on any of these simply takes you back to the standard function with the normal Windows Mobile look and feel,” Robinson reports. “Because the Omnia runs Windows Mobile, most of the on-screen controls are too small to hit accurately with a finger. However, unlike other Windows Mobile devices, there is no slot on the Omnia to store a stylus. Instead, Samsung supplies a separate stylus, almost guaranteeing that the user will lose it.”

Full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: More derivative garbage designed to fleece the ignorant. Samsung should be embarrassed. How many crappy, fake iPhones does the world need, exactly?


  1. more evidence some companies just don’t get it when it comes to designing good products.

    that reminds me… what is it they say about lipstick on a pig?

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