Google shows Android, faces challenges getting developers

“Google used its London Developer Day on Tuesday to show a late build of its Android mobile operating system in an event that suggests continuing resistance to the platform,” Electronista reports.

“Using what’s now largely accepted as a prototype of the T-Mobile G1, Android chief Michael Jennings demonstrated the phone’s full HTML browser as well as its version of Google Maps and the accelerometer, which can affect both the operating system as well as specific programs,” Electronista reports.

“The atmosphere at the event was nonetheless apprehensive, according to anecdotal reports from the British event. Although every developer at the presentation was aware of Android, only a handful of “two or three” were actively creating programs for the software, with most described as hesitant to write code for the device versus the iPhone,” Electronista reports. “So far, only T-Mobile has elected to carry an Android phone in the US while Verizon and others have so far expressed just initial interest.”

Full article , with video of the Android presentation, here.


  1. Its amazing. Maybe Google can re-invent the wheel too while their at it. Does everyone wait and see what Apple designs before they go and try and rip it off instead of INNOVATING themselves? I love their Zune, I mean Zoom feature, uses a plus sign..what a joke..

    Their 2 years behind Apple and proud of it. I bet Wall Street will drive Googles price up with that engineering gem.

  2. Google, like everyone except Apple/Jobs, forgot what they do well – make things simpler and faster. Their new FF3 toolbar and bookmark editor are a drag, and the more they complicate their UI, the more they look like MSFT. Even Opera has a few features to teach Chrome.

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