RUMOR: Apple preps new Macbooks and mysterious ‘Brick’

“The dust from the new iPods has settled, but it appears that Apple is already gearing up for a next round of introductions. Apparently, the company is planning an October 14 event, during which a refreshed notebook family and a mysterious new product code-named ‘Brick’ are expected to be introduced,” Christian Zibreg reports for TG Daily.

“An ‘insider source’ told Daring Fireball that Apple will refresh its laptops at a new special event scheduled to run October 14: ‘Those of you holding out for a new lineup of MacBooks will have to wait until October 14, according to sources who, as they say, are familiar with Apple’s hardware plans,'” Zibreg reports.

“If you believe rumor site 9 to 5 Mac, there will be a “one more thing” moment with a new, mysterious product code-named ‘Brick.’ There is some chatter that this ‘Brick’ is actually a Mac tablet, but we here at TG Daily believe that if that is in fact the case, Macworld in January may be a more appropriate event to unveil a tablet,” Zibreg reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. “Something that will hurl through Windows and smash it for good!”

    Truth in advertising. Apple is just telling you that three years from now they’re going to brick the product for you with a change of OS or processor to make it obsolete.

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