New Jersey man sues Apple, AT&T over iPhone 3G dropped calls, app crashes

“A New Jersey man has sued Apple Inc. over charges that its iPhone 3G drops calls and doesn’t consistently connect to AT&T Inc.’s data network — the second such federal lawsuit filed in the past two weeks,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

“Eulardi Tanseco, who submitted his lawsuit to U.S. District Court in New Jersey last Friday, accused both Apple and AT&T of breaking that state’s consumer antifraud law, as well as violating other warranty, breach-of-contract and fraud statutes. Like the lawsuit filed Aug. 19 against Apple by Jessica Smith of Birmingham, Ala., Tanseco’s suit asked the court to grant the case class-action status,” Keizer reports.

“According to the lawsuit, AT&T was included as a defendant because it ‘failed to advise its customers that the iPhone 3G was not capable of connecting and/or maintaining a connection with AT&T’s 3G network to complete data transmission,'” Keizer reports. “Tanseco also accused Apple of duping customers with the App Store, the company’s online mart for third-party applications that users can install on their phones. The apps, said Tanseco, ‘consistently crash'”

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  1. “Tanseco also accused Apple of duping customers with the App Store…”

    Nah. I think they’ve been doping us with applications. Aaaah sweet candy iPhone Apps. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cheese” style=”border:0;” />

  2. People who don’t understand the real world, and its occasional hiccups, have no business participating in it. It’s too bad Apple and AT&T;couldn’t reserve the right to refuse service to such people.

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