Analyst: Apple mulling low-cost ‘iPod phone’

Apple “is on track to sell 4 million iPhones when Apple [CEO Steve Jobs] addresses the San Francisco crowd [during an Apple special event scheduled for September 9th], according to RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky,” Scott Martin reports for Red Herring.

“‘We continue to expect iPhone upside (our outlook remains 14M CY08, 24M CY09), along with ‘halo effect’ impact to global Mac sales,’ he wrote in a note to clients,” Martin reports.

“At Apple’s upcoming September 9 event, the company is expected to update its iPod line, including redesigned iPod Nanos, and cut prices, among other announcements,” Martin reports. “RBC’s analyst said Apple may also be mulling a lower-cost “iPod Phone,” a voice-only one priced below $99 with a service contract. That phone would target international sales and push Mac sales worldwide, the analyst noted. He said it wasn’t expected at the upcoming event.”

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  1. “a lower-cost “iPod Phone,” a voice-only one priced below $99”
    I can’t see Apple getting into a commodity type of phone. I could see Dell doing that, but not Apple. There’s nothing to show off the software.

  2. You already received your Mac Book Pro upgrade this year, back in February. If you haven’t dumped your 12″ Power Book yet — there is probably a greater reason than processing power or whatever you’re gripping about.

  3. I just want a phone that works well as a phone. If it has an iPod in it, that’s great. I haven’t had a decent cell phone for the last 6 years. Each one pisses me off at some point in time.

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