Google posts Gears for Safari beta

Google is now offering a beta version of Gears for Safari.

Gears is an open source project that enables more powerful web applications by adding new features to your web browser, such as:

• Let web applications interact naturally with your desktop
• Store data locally in a fully-searchable database
• Run JavaScript in the background to improve performance

– This is BETA, it is not an official release, it might break your browser. Chances are it will break your browser. Please proceed with caution.
– Minimum system requirements: Safari 3.1.1 on Tiger 10.4.11 or Leopard 10.5.3.
– Make sure you have Gears before you file bugs. You can check your version on
– You can see a list of known bugs at:
– New bugs can be filed on our public tracker at:
– This version will autoupdate.

More info and download link here.


  1. If Gears is anything like that Google Desktop thing…
    a resource wasting, nearly impossible to delete, EVIL HOG … I thought I had deleted it several times, but kept respawning … keep it Windows only!

  2. Go fig, it’s a “BETA” and will probably remain in “beta” indefinitely like all their other projects. What I can’t figure out is how they can get away with just keeping their stuff in perpetual “beta.”
    What’s even more interesting is that they’ve removed Gmail from beta, but not the “beta” badge under the Gmail logo… the only reason I know this is b/c I’ve sent a report of some bugs/things-I’d-like-to-see-added about a year ago and got an auto-email stating Gmail is no longer in beta. If that’s the case, why hasn’t the logo been updated to reflect this change? They update the Google page logo quite frequently, not like it’s hard to do or anything. Guess you don’t really have to be held responsible for bugs and other screw-ups when you can always just say it’s in “beta.” Google, bless their hearts.

    Don’t Be Evil now, ya hear!

  3. Good to see the technical guys are out in force today! When Apple announces something similar down the road, you guys will be jumping for joy.

    Seriously, go back to clicking you mouse button. The web and desktop are merging. There are valid reasons for wanting to bringing your web app to the desktop. Speed, security, offline access to data and apps.

  4. With all of the Linux guys laughing at us Mac users, telling us that our Mac’s security is easier to hack into than Microsoft Windows PCs; there’s no way that I want anything like this on my Macintosh. Thanks for thinking of us, Google, but no thanks.

  5. this sure sounds an awful lot like activeX browser type controls which in a way gave birth to the mordern virus plauge for windows. They made the decision that, letting a website install something on your computer, in the background so that the browser can control applications on your computer was a good idea. I agree, I’ll pass. Magic word “then” as in, then we finally started to see lots of viruses for Mac.

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