Apple iPhone 3Gs now outnumber first-gen iPhones

“Some time in the next week more than 6 million iPhone 3Gs will be in people’s hands around the world. What that means is that the second generation device has outsold the original iPhone just seven weeks after going on sale. They actually may already have done so,” Michael Arrington writes for TechCrunch.

“It took Apple nearly a year to sell 6 million first generation iPhones. A million 3Gs were sold in the first weekend the device was on sale—it took Apple 74 days to sell a million of the first gen iPhones,” Arrington writes.

“According to our sources, Foxconn continues to build iPhones for Apple at the rate of 800,000 units per week, with production ramping up as fast as possible. (Businesweek is hearing similar numbers from its sources—150,000 a day). Apple is on pace to sell more than 40 million of the devices in the next year,” Arrington writes.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Eugenio” for the heads up.]


  1. The 1stGen iPhone is still superior. Better looks, build quality, battery life. Thinner. Having a consistent signal. Some of us (like R2) are still prepay and aren’t tied to a contract. And now with a 1stGen iPhone you get to be part of an exclusive limited edition club since they’ll never make anymore. It’s like owning a Bugatti Veyron.

    iPhone classic = Bugatti Veyron

    iPhone 3G = Toyota Camry

  2. @R2
    Agreed, i have played with a a 3g iPhone and concluded that it not worth buying. With the availability of new software (albeit buggy) on my 1st generation phone I feel as though I have a new phone and have no need to get another. (yet)

  3. I sold my 1st gen to my future brother in law, and I must admit I still think it’s a better phone than my 3G. The build quality is much much better than the 3G

  4. @ R2

    Ok I’ll buy the

    iPhone classic = Bugatti Veyron

    but, really
    iPhone 3G = Toyota Camry

    More like;
    iPhone 3G = Mercedes – Benz E – Class

    Popular all over the world a bit more then a C – Class and not the S – Class, the E – Class is the happy middle for price, performance, luxury and engineering.

  5. I am still happy with my 1st gen. That 2.2 software made it a whole new piece of hardware. This iPhone will never be sold. It will go into my own private computer museum (sometimes called the “graveyard”).

  6. The fact of the matter is Apple will never sell 10M iPhones. They stopped making them so how can they ever reach the goal?

    I sure they may sell 10M iPhone 3Gs next month, but it’s my technicality, my rules. YOU LOSE! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  7. I love my new iPhone. When I’m on 2G, I often quit before page loads. Not so on 3G. Haven’t had any problems with mine, not even the Safari crashes some have mentioned.

    Say whatever you want, but without GPS, 3G, the slick unibody, the 1G iPhone is great, but also missing some really great things.

    Anyway, when in need, a Camry over a Bugatti with only 3 wheels any day.

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