“Barack Obama has chosen one of the most rabid pro-music and film industry senators [Joe Biden] in the business to be his running mate in the forthcoming presidential elections,” Nick Farrell reports for The Inquirer.

“Biden has spent most of his career allied with the FBI and copyright holders. He ranks toward the bottom of CNET’s Technology Voters’ Guide, and has come up with some of the worst anti-privacy legislation,” Farrell reports.

“Biden has been one of Hollywood and the recording industry’s biggest fans and has been working to expand copyright laws. In 2002 he tried to make it a felony to trick certain types of devices into playing unauthorized music or executing unapproved computer programs. The law was caned by almost every technology outfit in the land and was quietly dropped,” Farrell reports.

“Later he wrote to the Justice Department demanding that it use taxpayer money to do the work of the RIAA and MPAA to drag P2P users into court. Fortunately this was ignored by the DoJ,” Farrell reports.

“Last year, Biden sponsored an RIAA-backed bill aimed at restricting Americans’ ability to record and play back individual songs from satellite and Internet radio services. This was in support of his chums at the RIAA who were suing satellite radio companies at the time,” Farrell reports.

“Biden has refused to answer questions on technology. This might have something to do with the fact he supports Internet taxes and censoring libraries and schools,” Farrell reports.

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p2pnet news reports, ”Public figures commonly use anonymous speech writers,’ says Wikipedia, ‘If a speech uses plagiarized material, however, it is the public figure who may be cast in a bad light. For instance, Delaware Senator Joe Biden was forced out of the 1988 U.S. Presidential race (but remained in the U.S. Senate) when it was discovered that parts of his campaign speeches were plagiarized from speeches by British Labour party leader Neil Kinnock and Robert Kennedy.'”

p2pnet news reports, ”That’s the same Joe Biden carefully chosen by presidential hopeful Bark Obama as his Vice Presidential candidate in the current US elections.”

p2pnet news asks, “Is plagiarism akin to copyright infringement?”

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