Leaked screenshots of Nike+iPhone show Google Maps support

“We’ve known that Nike+ has long been in development for the iPhone. Now we’re finally getting a peek at the first shots of the interface. From what we can skim, Nike+ users will get all of the nifty performance graphs right on the phone (before this stuff was available on the web only). But the biggest improvement over the old Nike system may be Google Maps support.” Mark Wilson reports for Gizmodo.

Wilson reports, “We don’t know just how robust the Nike+ maps support will be, but mapping routes directly on the iPhone could make for more organized training sessions.”

Full article here.

View all of the leaked screenshots via iPhon.fr here.


  1. its about time- ive been waiting for the nike+ availability since the original iPhone was released. I am a very happy runner, if this proves to be true. I just hope they dont make me buy new sensor hardware.

  2. Most of this functionality already exists as an app for the iPhone complete with Google maps, altitude and speed readings, etc. Check out iTrail. It does it all with GPS so you don’t have to buy special Nike’s with the special +Nike pod sneaker insert.

  3. Sorry no. While I would LOVE a serious training system from Apple for runners their nike+ stuff doesn’t cut it. I need something with a heart rate monitor and a foot pod device to track heart rate, pace, stride length, interval runs, tempo runs, and physical evaluation based on heart performance.
    Basically, I want something more powerful than the Polar equipment. Becuase while Polar does track a lot of stuff and has software its ….useless…to me anyway.

    $500.00 and all that data I’ve collected but I can’t tell if I’m improving or not because their friggin software SUCKS!! Plus interval and tempo training is useless because the watch is not loud enough to let me know whats going on because my mp3 player is too loud. Yet its supposed to be the best on the market. I KNOW Apple can do better.
    But Apple is not taking it seriously enough.

  4. @olternaut

    I just want to make something clear. When I said the software sucks I was referring to Polar not Apple. I looked at the nike+ stuff by apple and it looks good. But without the heart rate monitor and foot pod I will have to stick with the polar gear….sucky software notwithstanding.

  5. @TowerTone

    I am stilll a stock holder. And the fruit company has become juicer! Lt. Dan has new legs made of platinum!

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