Qantas to launch iPhone version of website

It’s not official, yet, but MacDailyNews has obtained information that Qantas today will announce and/or launch a version of the airline’s website,, designed especially for the new Apple iPhone 3G and iPod touch.

Qantas is the third airline in the world and the first in the Southern Hemisphere to introduce the initiative. It is the only airline to incorporate an accessibility function using the phone’s touch interface.

iPhone users would be able to access timetable information for both Qantas and Jetstar, plus a range of other information including lounge locations, airport services and airline contact details. Qantas is planning to expand the features available on the iPhone and also offer its customers similar services on other mobile devices in the future.


  1. You know the iPhone is going to change things when companies start redesigning their websites to be compatible with it…and it was just introduced last year.

  2. It’d be great if they could tie it into the GPS system and then use the iPhone to guide you around the various airports to find their check-in desks, lounges, shopping partners, etc.

    Even a facility for paperless on-line check-in when your at the airport would speed things along…

  3. I personally don’t like being forced to use iPhone formated websites. They feel dumbed down to me. With Safari and Multitouch I enjoy the real web and I think there should be a standard check box on all iPhone formated websites to opt for the regular web page. Although these dumbed down pages are probably still better for most other cellphone’s browsers. Better than WAP. Do any other readers agree?

  4. I’ve often been at one end of an airport looking for the check-in desk, only to find it’s at the other side of the building along a labyrinth of corridors…
    If your at Desk 1 and you need to get to Desk 50, an iPhone guiding you could make the difference between making the flight and missing it…

  5. I thought the *entire* purpose of putting Safari on the iPhone was that you would be able to use the *real* web sites — no more dumbed down and limited web sites for mobile users. This always sounds like a step backward to me. (Of course if a web site is creating an “iPhone web site” that does not have Flash while the normal web site does that may be a different story — until Flash finally gets ported to the iPhone.)

  6. @ nomoremsbs:

    I agree with you. I hate Continental’s iPhone site and there’s no way to get to the regular site. There should always be an option that lets you go to the regular site, unless it uses technology that iPhone doesn’t support (Flash, etc.).

    If a company is interested in creating an iPhone site, maybe the best place to start is to reevaluate how they use technology on their main site and remain less dependent on Flash and other unsupported technology for core elements of the site (navigation, information, etc.). That’s what I would find most useful – not a dedicated iPhone site.

  7. Different strokes for different folks. I find the “real web” to be a pain in the ass on my iPhone. All that tapping around, takes forever to load on edge, accidently hit a link when trying to enlarge a piece, etc…

    I like New York Times App, I like Foxnews, Skynews, and several other apps which are formatted for the iPhone. And I appreciate webmasters who take the time to provide us with iPhone formatted pages…

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