StarPlayer app promises to bring Sirius, XM to Apple iPhone

“Sirius and XM have had their fair share of iPhone-related applications and buzz. First there was official word from XM of an XM Radio Mobile app for the iPhone. Then came uSirius and uXM to the mix. But there hasn’t been much word on the mysterious StreamSmart project which promised a common platform for playing Sirius-XM on multiple devices, including the iPhone,” Orbitcast repots.

“That is, until we got our hands on some details and screenshots from a covert operative inside the Alpha team,” Orbitcast repots.

“The Sirius-XM application on the iPhone is still in the Alpha stage, which means it’s still under heavy development and much of what you’re about to see is likely to change,” Orbitcast repots.

“The app is made by GeeksToolBox as part of the StreamSmart project. They’ve evidently partnered with NiceMac because the iPhone app is called StarPlayr, and there’s a mention of the the StreamSmart association on StarPlayr’s website,” Orbitcast repots.

More info and screenshots here.


  1. I have a couple of co-workers who might go out and buy an iPhone just because of this App. They’re Howard Stern fans who have problems with Sirius reception in their offices.

    Even if you don’t like him, Stern being available via live streaming (with no other programs, etc necessary) could sell some iPhones.

  2. @kfdodgerfan:

    A big benefit to this is now you can plug your iPhone into your car stereo (non-satellite ready) and play Sirius/XM. Expect sales of satellite-ready car stereos to drop, and iPhone ready stereos to increase.

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