Developers unhappy with Google’s Android

“For a long time, Google has led a largely blissful existence, fostering a widespread perception — sometimes in direct contradiction to the facts — that it can do no wrong. Yet the company’s controversial Android mobile platform venture threatens to seriously dent this notion, at least with some of the people it needs most,” John Edwards reports for Computerworld.

“As it readies its long-anticipated open mobile OS for public release, Google is behaving in a way that threatens to permanently taint its relationship with many Android developers. The company’s actions — including restricting access to key development tools and allegedly treading on open source principles — have created, if not a full-fledged revolt, at least a sense of disappointment and disillusionment among many in the tightly knit Android development community, which numbers perhaps 2,000, according to an estimate by AndroidGuys, an independent Android blog site. Some developers have threatened to shift their attention to other mobile platforms,” Edwards reports.

“Jack Gold, an independent technology analyst based in Northborough, Mass., believes that Google’s mobile game plan is “strategically flawed.” He notes that the company’s goals are contradictory: to create an open mobile platform, yet still be able to exercise control over the quality of Android applications. Gold believes that Google’s fundamental problem is that it has managed to put the cart before the horse,” Edwards reports.

“Whether or not Google made the right decision with its SDK release, the company could have hardly selected a worse time to tick off developers. With Apple’s iPhone 3G grabbing sales records and headlines, the recent news that Symbian is going open source, and the fact that Android remains months away from release, Google is facing the possibility that its platform may become nothing more than a follow-up act, lost in a sea of mobile OSes,” Edwards reports.

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  1. All talks and whining before a product release are not relevant
    We heard the same when iPhone was still in developement.

    Google should keep heading in the same direction, as Android is needed.
    Yes, because that’s the missing piece for us to see Windows Mobile bleeds…

  2. “We heard the same when iPhone was still in developement.”


    Android is WAY earlier in development at announcement than iPhone was when it was announced.

  3. Rigth now, Android is just a “Linux mobile playground” and nothing more. The way I see it, you can play with different hardware configurations with no limitations, but I can not say we can develop a strong and popular iPhone competitor from there. Is like linux for PCs, is interesting to play with, but it is for geeks and I do not see it in a near future competing against Mac OS.

  4. I really want android to succeed. I want them to help (along with Apple) eliminate windows mobile from the scene. And to give Apple some decent competition to help keep Apple sharp and on their toes.
    I don’t believe Google is messing like this so badly. It should have been a home run for them. Keep it open source if your going open source. Don’t put a stranglehold of control on the thing…..its open source!
    Plus, I still think I had a good idea that they should have released along with the orginal SDK a hardware spec for a revolutionary hardware component (flexible screen or something else) that handset makers could have licensed from them.

    That would have helped spark some fire and enthusiasm for working on android. And also it would have eliminated or reduced the worry about multiple handsets and compatibility.

    Bah, whatever.

  5. Macromancer, I should say that your comment is the false one… no question.
    Since some months ago, was shown to use an Android demonstration.

    Only difference was that there were no event put together around that phone,
    Therefore one could consider Android not that far behind where was the iPhone.

  6. Okay wait wait!!! Let me see if I can predict what the MDN Take will be.

    Okay… something about Windows Mobile… or maybe a chair flying across a room…

    D’oooh! I got it wrong again.

  7. Second point: Nice to see the author of the article, John Edwards found a new line of work. I was worried about him after that bru-ha-ha last week with Rielle Hunter

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