Analyst: 3 million iPhone 3G units sold in first month

“One month after its debut, Apple’s new iPhone has hit the 3 million sold mark, according to analyst Michael Cote of the Cote Collaborative,” Scott Moritz reports for Fortune.

“‘They are seeing unprecedented demand,’ says Cote, adding that there appears to be no signs of a let up yet. Cote, a former T-Mobile executive, has been extremely accurate with wireless predictions in the past,” Moritz reports.

“An Apple spokesperson declined to comment on Cote’s projections,” Moritz reports.

“The blistering sales pace of Apple’s new gadget defies the otherwise downward trends in consumer spending, employment levels and overall economic health. The 3 million figure is much higher than Wall Street analysts had anticipated. Forecasts called for total quarterly sales of three million to four million,” Moritz reports. “Three days after the new iPhone’s July 11 debut, Apple announced that it had sold 1 million iPhones.”

“‘The demand is so strong it may impact or delay the new countries coming on,’ Cote says,” Moritz reports. “That probably isn’t the worst problem Apple could face.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mike in Helsinki” for the heads up.]

All together now: Bloodbath!


  1. 3mil in 30 days, averaging 1 mil every 10 days… 100,000 every day… and something around 91 days in a quarter?

    If Apple keeps this up (and with new countries yet to start up I wouldn’t be surprised) it will sell something around 9 mil iPhones by the end of the quarter… damn… there goes Job’s plan for 10 mil by the end of 2008, we are almost there now and we have a lot of 2008 left to go!

  2. I went to the Manhattan Beach, CA, store over the weekend and there was a line outside the store. People were actually lined up outside the mall to get into the Apple Store line. As one who has lined up a number of times for Apple products and openings, even I couldn’t believe that people are still lining up for the iPhone a month after its release.

  3. New Math time.
    Apple sold a million in three days and three million in thirty days. Let’s do some simple, conservative, rounding and lower that to three million in thirty-three days. That makes it easier to say TWO million in the month following the opening weekend. Now we’re down to maybe 70,000 a day – rounding back up from 66,667 a day.
    Or, Apple sold just under FOUR million in the last four months! There are many valid ways to spin the numbers, ways that are not quite so positive as “three million in a month” would seem. Four million in four months easily tops the “ten million in a year” goal Apple set for itself. That’s gouging out a niche half the size of the WinMobile market. Neat!

  4. We need to step back and look at the author of this article: Scott Moritz. Last year, he kept trumpeting the ‘whisper number’ of one million iPhones for the first weekend. When that didn’t materialise, he panned the stock. Essentially, this guys has all the properties of a typical pump-and-dumper. He’s pumping AAPL now, hoping to dump on it come OE in October. It didn’t work for him last time, though, and very little evidence exists to confirm that it would work for thim this year.

    As for the 3 million number, he just might be right, considering that a million was reported after the first weekend. I’m thinking, 7 million in this quarter isn’t out of reach. Add to that the 3-4 million of first-gen iPhones sold in the first half of the year, and they should top the 10-million 2008 figure even without the Christmas quarter. Can anyone here imagine how high we may go in the Christmas quarter alone?

  5. ” I couldn’t believe that people are still lining up for the iPhone a month after its release.”

    if you’ve brought one, you’ll know that the reason is because Apple’s sales and setup process for them is exceeding inefficient. It must be the fault of the multiple entry of the same information, the fact it seems to take about 5 people to get your iPhone to you and the Windows Mobile handheld they use to sell the phones. You would have thought that Steve would have demanded that they use an iPod Touch instead of a Windows based device.

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