10 most absurd iPhone apps – part deux

“It’s been just a month since the App Store hit the streets, and the number of applications has skyrocketed. That doesn’t mean they’re all winners though. The vast majority are downright useless, buggy, or simply overpriced,” Josh Lowensohn reports for Crave at CNET.

“Since our inaugural list of absurd iPhone apps was a big hit, we’ve picked another group of 10 that are even more absurd than the first ones,” Lowensohn reports.

Lowensohn’s list:
1. GottaGo ($1.99)
2. DrinkBuddy ($3.99)
3. Glasgow Coma Scale ($2.99)
4. HelpMe! ($.99)
5. Picocalc free (Free)
6. Touch Train (Free)
7. G-tac ($4.99)
8. Girlfriend Caller (Free)
9. National Threat Advisory (Free)
10. Pixelmetrist (2.99)

Full article here.

Surely, there must be more than just 10 absurd apps in the App Store currently, right?


  1. Next week MDN will feature “The 10 dumbest blogs”, “The 10 programs to not buy”, “The 10 best time wasters”, etc. Wow, what a valuable article! I’m sure glad I set aside time to read it!

  2. Has anyone looked a bit more closely at those allegedly absurd apps? This guy makes up an incredibly subjective list in quite a patronising way and declares it top ten most absurd (and follows up with another ten, just in the same way).

    Some of these apps aren’t absurd at all, and at least few can be useful (GottaGO comes to mind).

    I was hoping to see really quirky, pointless stuff; what I saw was mainly the breadth of creativity of iPhone developers.

    Original article doesn’t have much value.

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