RUMOR: More evidence of Apple ‘iPhone nano’

“On August 3, 2006, the UK’s Mail Online claimed that ‘Apple is about to launch a ‘nano’ version of the hugely successful iPhone. It is expected to be in the shops in time for Christmas.’ The report went on to state that the product would be launched in the UK for pay-as-you-go customers by O2, the mobile phone group owned by Spain’s Telefonica,” Neo reports for MacNN.

“On August 5, 2008, Lehman Brother analyst Ben Reitzes said in a research report that while he believes that Apple is working on a lower-end iPhone form factor, he didn’t think it would arrive until Spring 2009,” Neo reports.

“Yet the UK rumor may still have some legs when you consider that a prominent Apple iPod and iPhone accessories company by the name of Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) has been working on a nano-styled iPhone dock,” Neo reports.

Full article, with illustration from DLO’s patent application, here.


  1. Sum Jung Gai calls Bullsnit. There’s no way that patent application represents a design of something Apple would produce. Look at that stupid key layout! When Apple patents a key layout, Steve Jobs puts his name on the patent. He’s all over that.

    No way. This is just some third party patenting something useless.

  2. Looking at the DLO patent image, the formfactor looks far more like a iPod video than an iPod nano. How else is the scrollwheel going to be big enough to allow a keypad within its circumference?

  3. Also Fig2b, which shows the bottom of the device, shows the Dock to be just a tad under 1/3rd the length of the device. That is roughly the width of an iPhone, and not a nano-sized device. Any nano won’t be nano-sized, but nano in functions. Probably only music and phone. Something to compete with a Rokr.

  4. @Steev,
    Sum sounds like Sum or Some

    Jung the “J” sounds like “Y” so it sounds like Yung or Young

    Gai, the “ai” sounds like a Long “i”, so it would sound like Guy

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