HP: Microsoft counting XP-loaded PCs as ‘Vista’ sales

“Business PC buyers are still overwhelmingly opting for XP, computer giant HP has revealed,” Dan Warne reports for APC Magazine.

“HP’s revelation, made at the launch of a new range of business notebooks, flies in the face of Microsoft’s persistent PR claims that Vista has sold tens of millions of copies — and is selling at a faster rate than XP ever did,” Warne reports.

“However, HP explained how Microsoft is coming up with these ‘Vista’ sales figures,” Warne reports.

“‘From the 30th of June, we have no longer been able to ship a PC with a XP licence,’ said Jane Bradburn, Market Development Manager, Commercial Notebooks for HP Australia,” Warne reports. “‘However, what we have been able to do with Microsoft is ship PCs with a Vista Business licence but with XP pre-loaded. That is still the majority of business computers we are selling today.'”

Warne reports, “So, in other words, Microsoft counts a sale for Vista, even though the computer manufacturer has really sold XP.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Counting XP PC sales as “Vista,” $500 million rigged ad campaigns — It seems that the Microsoft slime buckets will resort to just about anything to “fix” their Vista debacle; anything, except what they should be doing, of course: trashing the whole bloated mess and starting from scratch with a clean slate. Oh, but then, whose tech would they buy for a song, or borrow, or steal this time?



    Surely, surely, these facts could not have been known by Steve Ballmer when he addressed investors last Thursday?

    If he did, and he told barefaced lies, he should be sued to kingdom come.

  2. Microsoft should just rename XP … to Vista! That’s the only way to justify the development dollars lost down the drain. Change a word, pretend everything is all right, and move on to the next thing. Eventually renaming that Vista too.

  3. This is a well known and almost official thing. Everybody knows that XP’s are sold as Vista since the begenning. Why does this come up again now? Maybe just to shut M$’s mouth with their new lying “experience”?!

  4. How can you even see the Cracks on the Black iPhone. Black Cracks on a black case? They’re probably there & people don’t know it.

    I have those types of cracks in many spots of my Late 2004 iBook G4. I don’t care really since it’s over 3 years old. But not on a new phone thats only been around for less than a month.

    I liked the old metal case better. I wonder if Steve Jobs upgraded to the 3G iPhone???

  5. “Investor Case Against MS”

    Probably never happen. That might cause the MS stock to plummet. That could be bad for all of those that have millions invested in MS. Good propaganda is good PR.

    MS will continue to be propped up until even life-support won’t keep it breathing. But by then big investor money will pull the plug.

    If you have MS stock – I suggest you sell it now.

    Talk to your SEP/IRA investment person. They are heavily invested in MS more than likely if you have any Tech stock.

    Why do you think the Bush Admin killed the charges? Finance.

  6. M$ making knowingly untruthful statements to the media? Nah! Never!

    And, we all know that the iPhone is the most expensive phone on the market – always has been, too. Just ignore those two dozen brands that are more expensive – cos Sgt. Shultz Ballmer told you to.

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