Apple releases Lexmark Printer Driver 1.1

Apple today released Lexmark Printer Driver 1.1.

The Lexmark Printer Driver Update includes the latest drivers for printers you have used on your system.

This update is available via Software Update and will only be visible if the printer is connected to your computer or a print queue has been created for an earlier version.

Lexmark Printer Driver 1.1 is also available as a 71MB standalone installer.

More info and download link here.


  1. Weird. I only have an Epson printer, but the HP driver update showed up and the Lexmark one did not. I’m not sure why the HP one did. I don’t remember ever connecting it to a HP printer.


  2. Lexmark printers and Macs.

    That’s like a pine tree shaped cardboard air freshener in a BMW.

    Sure, you can do it. The question is why? (If that’s all your employer has in the office, you are excused.)

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