Apple CEO Steve Jobs is jet-setting again

CEO Steve Jobs bills Apple Inc. for use of his personal jet when he uses it for company business. The expenses appear in each of Apple’s quarterly reports.

Peter Kafka reports for Silicon Alley Insider, “Morgan Stanley analyst Kathryn Huberty thinks that the more Steve flies, the more reason AAPL investors have to be excited about the stock, because that means he’s involved in face-to-face discussions with potential partners.”

“In the last three months of 2007, Steve racked up $550,000 in expenses. That dropped to $30,000 in the first three months of this year. Now it’s back up: He’s billing Apple $102,000 for the June quarter,” Kafka reports.

Full article here.

[Attribution: MacNN. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Sir Gill Bates” for the heads up.]

So, to where is Steve flying? China and/or Russia to setup iPhone carrier deals? Something to do the “mystery product transition?” A worldwide tour of knitting factories in search of new suppliers for iPod Socks?

As for this quarter, we hear that he’s taking MobileMe developers on “skydiving” excursions. Jobs, at 30000 feet, “Parachutes?! I never promised you bozos any parachutes. Now get off my plane.”


  1. ” we hear that he’s taking MobileMe developers on “skydiving” excursions”

    I heard their second choice was a hunting excursion with the V.P.

    Or was the skydiving to take place over Cheney’s bird hunting trip?

    I’m as confused as a .Mac subscriber….

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