Apple’s iPhone 3G TV ads hit Italy (with video)

On Monday, a new Apple iPhone 3G TV ad was aired on Italian television channels.

“Very fast” is the key word in this 30-second ads. The ads did not feature voice mention of the name of the carriers.

The video does shows the Vodafone logo at the end, before the Apple logo. The other Italian carrier is TIM (setteB.IT has the TIM iPhone ad, which is identical except for carrier logo to the Vodafone ad).

It’s been many years since an Apple product appeared on Italian TV.

Italian Apple iPhone 3G TV ad:

Direct link to video via Google Video here.

Screenshots, video and other details on setteB.IT (Italian language) here.

Google Italian to English translation here.


  1. “Some people would like to surf the web very quickly.

    Some people would like to download files very quickly.

    Some people would like to find the street very quickly.

    But, really, everyone would like to be able to do it on their own phone.”

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