Aussies still queuing for Apple iPhone 3G a week after launch

“One week after the Australian launch of Apple’s much-anticipated 3G iPhone, locals keen to buy the device are still queuing outside the company’s only Sydney retail store,” Renai LeMay reports for ZDNet Australia.

“Around 40 or more people were queuing outside the George Street, Sydney store this afternoon,” LeMay reports.

“The continuing queues come as iPhone stocks quickly dried up in Optus stores around Australia, with most stores taking names from customers happy to wait for Apple to allocate more handsets to the mobile carrier,” LeMay reports.

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  1. There is still a line at the Manhattan Village (Manhattan Beach, CA)… It’s right next to my lunch spot, so I look at it almost everyday. I went by at 11:00am, 12:30pm, and 3:00pm to see if it was just a lunch time thing. 30-40 people all day long, regardless of what time it is.

  2. Scored a Zune last night from a guy selling them from his trunk.

    Said he would shoot me if I didn’t buy one.

    So I have him the $3 he wanted.

    Showed it to my girlfriend.

    Now seeking new girlfriend.

  3. Anyone think the rise in UFO sightings recently is because aliens are here to get their hands on the iPhone?

    Forget just Earth, the iPhone is galactic!! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

  4. I just went to my o2 shop in Birkenhead, UK. When I got there, six people were queuing in front of me, all wanting iPhones. By the time I got served, there were seventeen people behind me, all waiting to get an iPhone. I had a great chat with an elderly gent in the queue who was upgrading his 1st gen iPhone for the 3G, and giving his old one to his wife. He said he liked the iPhone “because it’s easy”. There were 6 sales staff working the floor, and apart from the piss poor ‘Gateway’ IE software that was crashing as they were trying to sign people up, things were running pretty smoothly. Steve (Manager, nice guy), said it had been like this all week, and they had on average 250 call a day from people enquiring about the iPhone. Carphone Warehouse, 50 yards away, was exactly the same – lots of people queuing for an iPhone. I got one of the last 16GB models they had for that day.

    This isn’t a made up story, or even an exaggeration. I’ve just returned to my work from the o2 store, and it’s only just sinking in. Apple are literally taking over the telco world under their competitors noses. Sure, they’re not as big as Nokia, but all the same, I have never seen this much buzz about a new phone. Quality will always triumph over quantity. Seeing scallies (that’s hoodies to all you Londoners, criminals to everyone else in the world) coming in and wanting to BUY an iPhone is quite a sight. I even got chatting to a few of them, and I even had the courage to show them some of the Apps that I had on my iPhone (1st gen). They were completely blown away by Tap Tap and PangeaVR, and they all decided that they were going to get one. Brilliant!

    I can’t believe this. As a Mac user for 15 years it is an absolute pleasure to watch this masterful move by Apple to put an Apple product in the hands of pretty much everyone.

    Oh yeh, fuck you Micros**t. Love from me.

  5. Short line, long line, as long as there are lines at all that means Apple is still selling iPhones constantly and consistantly, all day long. The real numbers are going to be staggering when they are released.

    Most people I know are “waiting for the lines to go away” before they buy one (I am doing the same). I’m about to cave in and go wait in line, as are some of the people I know, only to add to the lines. Expect lines for quite a while.

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