Goldman Sachs: Apple’s iPhone enterprise opportunity ‘larger than thought’

“Goldman Sachs checks in with its cadre of IT executives and measures their appetite for Apple’s iPhone: 17% of 100 execs surveyed (that’d be 17 execs, we guess) said they expected to support the iPhone 3G within the next year,” Dan Frommer reports for Silicon Alley Insider.

“That’s a ‘very strong number especially at this early stage,’ says Goldman telecom analyst Jason Armstrong, who expects adoption rates to increase once the new iPhone and its enterprise-friendly software update launches on Friday,” Frommer reports.

“We think it’s a solid start for Apple: While taking some of the corporate smartphone market away from RIM is crucial long-term, we think it’s most important now for corporate IT to let employees who buy personal iPhones hook them up to their work email as a convenience,” Frommer reports.

More in the full article here.


  1. I still prefer a larger screen and more functionality of my matte screen MacBook Pro to a iPhone.

    I also predict the death of the iPod. LOL!

    Ok I’m serious here, the iPod and managing music is a LOT OF WORK!!

    Is there some “ultimate” playlists people have compiled somewhere?

    For example “Classic Rock Hit songs of the ’70’s?” so I can just click once and download without duplicates in my current collection?

    I’m so tired of hunting and sampling via iTunes.

    And what is up with the songs all having different volumes? Sure there is a option in iTunes preferences, but it doesn’t work and doesn’t work with iPods or burned cd’s.

    Also iTunes “Sound Enhancer” absolutley sucks compared to the old Volume Logic plug-in (no longer available)

    How do we get our iTMS music sounding as even as XM Radio stations?

  2. 17% of 100 execs surveyed (that’d be 17 execs, we guess)

    Clearly sir you have never worked with execs! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics right?

  3. Haha MacDorks only 17% of IT executives plan to support the iPhone 3G. And that number will prolly go down when everybody realizes the iPhone SUCKS. Nobody will ever use a stupid phone like that, especially in business. I know this because I know everything, without even doing any research, I just know. If I were Apple I would just close up shop, sell all my assets, and kill myself.

    (There you go Ha ha ha, now you don’t even have to post on this article)

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