Game Changer: EA star Young leaves to start iPhone games company

“The iPhone’s remaking of the cell phone business is creating opportunities for new start-ups, particularly in the game field. That’s why one of the game industry’s leading executives left his job to create Ngmoco, an iPhone game start-up,” Dean Takahashi reports for VentureBeat.

“Neil Young was one of the rock star game development executives at Electronic Arts, responsible for games that sold millions of video games, from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ titles to ‘The Sims 2.’ He was the executive in charge of EA’s most important upcoming title, ‘Spore.’ He gave it up a couple of weeks ago to start his own game company in San Francisco,” Takahashi reports.

“Today, the 38-year-old is announcing that Ngmoco will make and publish games for the iPhone,” Takahashi reports. “Young said the company will try to raise the bar on quality of mobile games. ‘We are finally at the place where we can reinvent the experiences and the economics of the mobile games business. The industry has been stagnant for a few years. I feel the iPhone is a real opportunity to change that industry.'”

Takahashi reports, “I asked Young if he would tap Bing Gordon, the former chief creative officer at EA who recently left to become a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, for venture funding. Kleiner Perkins has set up a $100 million iFund to finance applications for the iPhone. But Young declined to comment on the possibility.”

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iPhone, bitch!

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  1. Being a fan of this platform for many years now, it is so great to see our fences being breeched by the thousands. We have converts of users, developers and executives.

    I can say that finally, people have gotten what most of us have know to 10-20 years.

  2. EA star Young leaves to start iPhone games company

    Because PC gaming (especially Mac gaming) is nearly dead.

    Consoles are taking over the personal computing market!

    Look at the PS3!, it’s nearly a computer! It can run Linux! Add a keyboard, a few tweaks and your ready to go.

    Apple should make the “all in one device portable device” now while they can dominate the market.

    Just look at how well “all in one” printer, fax, copier, scanner etc are doing!

    Apple needs to innovate something new here shortly, before the stock tanks.

  3. “Apple needs to innovate something new here shortly, before the stock tanks.”

    Don’t you think Apple is already doing this? If you don’t think the iPhone represents at least the foundation for an all-in-one portable device I don’t think you are looking hard enough. The advances in the first year are staggering.

    PS- the whole market is tanking. Apple is being devalued with everything else.

  4. Oh sh*t…. this is making the iTouch soooo desirable and difficult for me to say no to. The games shown in Apple keynote were badass!

    I want more storage on iPod Touch….come on Apple! Hear my plea!!

  5. Let’s not get carried away with that tanking stock scenario; AAPL is currently around $168; even with all the wobbling of last six months, it is still above what we saw as recently as mid-October (when it first hit $168), and is currently trading about 50% above where it was a year ago.

    iPhone promises to at least double Apple’s quarterly (and annual) profits, which will undoubtedly be reflected in its stock (sooner or later).

  6. I’m still stunned by the iPhone software demos at the WWDC. Aside from games, is there any other phone out there that can run fully fledged applications, from databases to medical imaging?

    I don’t think so!

    Perhaps it’s time for Apple to revive a new improved ‘Pippin’…

  7. That’s awesome. Talk about a multifunction device… The App Store is going to take the world by storm. Think about it… TomTom GPS software, Sirius Satellite Radio software, Apple TV remote control, etc… The iPhone is eliminating hardware left and right.

    Could the iPhone even become a control pad for games that may become available for the Apple TV?

  8. Oh yeah? Well I’m leaving my job soon to start a database company for Windows Mobile! You’ll be able to use it for building databases to track credit card receipts or library book returns.

    You will even be able to build a database of DVDs you want to rent from Blockbuster. File navigation will be done solely through a DOS prompt.

    Version 2.0 will add support for users who’s cell phones don’t have a backslash key. “\”

  9. @Macintosh

    Song already do such a thing with the PSP, where you can use it as an extra controller for the PS3, so I’m sure Apple could build similar functionality into the iPhone.

    It’s funny, though, how with every following month, Apple’s phone rivals are still wondering what the hell is going on, and how their comfortable (and stagnant) industry could get overturned so thoroughly.

    Apple didn’t just make a phone, they made a device that renders the entire industry obsolete!

  10. Imagine online 3D gaming on a new larger computer like iPhone!!!

    Now you see grasshopper, the PS3 killer.

    Apple will rule the world.

    iPhone 2.0 is a JOKE!! A FRIGGING JOKE!!!

    Oh yea, fsck AT&T;too. Give me VOIP!!!

  11. @ Andy:

    I didn’t know that… Cool.

    What the general public seems to be missing (because I rarely hear mention of it) is the iPhone is all about the software! The 2007 keynote where Jobs says mobile software is “like baby software” is probably keeping a lot of competitor’s execs awake at night…

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