iTunes 7.7 reveals iTunes Remote app for iPhone, iPod touch

“Tucked away in Apple’s pre-release version of iTunes 7.7 is word that the iPhone and iPod touch will soon act as remote controls for nearby computers,” Aidan Malley reports for AppleInsider.

“A reference in the late beta version of iTunes available with iPhone SDK Beta 8 and discovered by Mac Rumors directly points to a new Apple-made program that will navigate tracks on Macs and Windows PCs from any of Apple’s current handhelds,” Malley reports.

“‘Use the new Remote application for iPhone or iPod touch to control iTunes playback from anywhere in your home — a free download from the App Store,’ it reads,” Malley reports.

Full article here.

Now, what were we saying yesterday? Oh, right: “Want a touch screen remote for Apple TV? Just buy it for your iPhone and/or iPod touch from Apple’s App Store, right?”


  1. What happens when you’re on the phone and need to turn down the volume b/c you can’t hear the caller? I’m sure it would work at the same time, but it seems a bit clutzy to have to bring the phone off your ear, access the remote, and then resume the conversation.

    It’s kinda like when you’re on the phone and then have to go into contacts and read the person on the other end a phone number as you look at the digits, put it back to talk, look at the digits again, read them off, etc. Maybe there will be a quick button for the remote (like there is for contacts, speakerphone, etc) when you’re on a call.

  2. new functionality and keeping the customers and the pundents talking is the Apple way. Even in a down economy Apple keeps on rolling to a brighter future. Never stop innovating and in a down economy Apple just innovates twice, three and ten times more then anyone else. I just love watching the innovations flow from Apple. Keeping the spirit of innovation at the core of what they do. No other company in history has such a long and historic list of innovations to build from.

  3. Leave it to Apple to do something like this.

    If it could function as a kind of universal remote, where you could boil down a 60-button remote to the 12 or 15 you actually use, then so much the better.

  4. MacDailyNews Take: Now, what were we saying yesterday? Oh, right: “Want a touch screen remote for Apple TV? Just buy it for your iPhone and/or iPod touch from Apple’s App Store, right?”

    Yeah, …. $229.00 for an Apple TV, and $199.00 for the remote control. Then I get to rent $4 movies. What a DEAL…

    I betcha Netflix and Blockbust are SCARED!!!!! I’ll still with picking up a $1.99 3 day rental on CD 1/2 mile from my house.

  5. SK,

    MDN isn’t saying that you go out and buy an iPhone or iPod touch to be your Apple TV remote. They’re saying that since you already have them for phone calls, Internet access, iPod, etc. you might as well be able to use them as remotes, too.

    Apple makes their products better over time.

  6. SK,

    Just because you’re poor and too stupid to lift yourself out of your own self-inflicted poverty, doesn’t mean the rest of us are.

    My Apple TV and iPhone and iPod touch are GREAT! Too bad you can’t afford them.

    I only rent HD titles via Apple TV. They’re $4.99. Going to go watch one now…

  7. I’d like to see Apple make a full-fledge HIFI entertainment device – like a combination Apple TV, Stereo, Media Center with a 500 gig/ 1TB hard drive that connects to your TV and comes with a set of surround sound speakers and the ability to RIP Dvds to the HD, all for under $500.

    A device like that would totaly disrupt HIFI system manufactures (Sony, Bose, JVC, etc.)

    I’ve been trying to create this with my Mac Mini, a 500 gig HD and some Bose speakers, but its not as elegant as I’d like yet.

  8. Mac-Atty

    Me too. I have my DVDs ripped into iTunes. Can played them wirelessly to my laptop or TV using Front Row. Still need a dedicated mac or appleTV to have the set up permanent.

    It works but your’e right it’s not very elegant

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