Analysts: Apple increases iPhone 3G orders to 15m in 2008; Mac, iPod orders also upped significantly

“FBR Capital Market analysts Craig Berger and Robert Pikover sent a note to clients this morning, detailing new checks into Apple’s supply chains,” Seeking Alpha reports.

• Big positive revisions to 3Q and 2008 build forecast. Our latest checks show forecasted calendar 3Q and 2008 iPhone build volumes have been revised significantly higher, with more than 15 million 3G iPhones plus two million old 2G iPhones forecast for 2008.

• 3Q iPod builds revised higher; 2Q build volumes largely unchanged. Recent checks show Apple’s 3Q iPod build volumes were revised up by 15% since our last check and are now set to grow 35% sequentially. Greater Classic and Nano builds are partially offset by fewer Touch builds. 2Q build volumes remain largely unchanged, growing 35% sequentially. We hear a new, lower priced Nano may be coming, as well as refreshed versions of the Touch and Classic.

• 3Q builds revised higher for both notebook and desktop [Macs]; 2Q build volumes largely unchanged. Recent checks show Apple’s 3Q notebook and desktop build volumes were revised up by 10% and 20%, respectively, since our last check. Notebook and desktop build volumes are now set to grow 35% and 20% QOQ, respectively. For 2Q, we saw a very slight 5%-10% reduction in desktop build volumes, with notebook build volumes stable versus our prior check.

• For Apple, the firm continues to knock the cover off the ball in terms of product innovation, sleek designs, attractive price points, and effective global deployment plans. These checks confirm Apple’s product cycle momentum continues to gain steam.

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jennifer” for the heads up.]


  1. The bad news from RIM (down 11%+) has depressed the smartphone market, and AAPL is a player in the smartphone market so it must go down too.

    That’s logic, as used by people who don’t have enough information.

  2. I realize that Apple is no longer just a computer company, but this continuing dreadful silence regarding sales of Mac computers is worrisome. The more Apple exclusively harps about its iPhone, iTouch, and iPods sales, the less convinced I am that Mac sales are following suit. Perhaps you fanbois will finally recognize that the anticipated “halo” effect is actually a “hell, no” reality.

  3. ha, ha duh,
    For a dunce you really take the cake (it’s a baked good..often with frosting since you seem to need things explained to you).
    How often do you need to be reminded? Apple’s Macintosh sales are doing incredibly well as this article from the end of April, less than 60 days ago is a testament (Something that serves as tangible proof or evidence). Isn’t a 51% jump in sales enough for you?

  4. WTF, why did Apple go down so much today? Oh, oil(USO) is up. This is so stupid. Dam oil companies! Not only do I lose money from the over priced oil, but now I lose money on my stock!

  5. To quote,

    “2Q build volumes largely unchanged. “

    Zero slope? Slightly negative slope? This ambiguous non-affirming statement suggests a slump in some model and minimal improvement in sales of other models (no models specified in this article, of course).

    “3Q builds revised higher for both notebook and desktop”

    Wishful thinking versus quantifiable reality.

    There are still more questions left unanswered:

    1. What percentage of Mac sales were due to NEW customers?
    2. What percentage of Mac sales were due to FORMER Mac users?
    3. What percentage of Mac sales to FORMER Mac users were to replace Macs that were (i) 3 years old or less, (ii) 4 to 6 years old, (iii) more than 6 years old?
    4. Again, Apple fails to provide more rigorous sales statistics in order to hide the ugly truth.

    pr, your turn!

  6. Strange that their checks show 15M total iPhone 3Gs in Q3 and Q4 of 2008. I thought a few weeks back, NPD or someone, reported that Apple orders from Q3 had gone from 12M to 10.2M due to constraints, and Q4 was 12M, for a total of 22.2M in 2008. Someone’s supply chain informant is incorrect.

  7. AAPLfanboi:

    You keep failing, fanboi, and failing miserably.

    Where are the hard data and rigorous sales statistics over time?
    Where are the detailed graphs, explicit charts, and clear tables? Where are the discrete demographics of new and former Mac users?
    Answer, nowhere!

    None of the links you have posted provide anything more than meticulously ambiguous, carefully massaged, craftily edited, and highly questionable PR rhetoric.

    In other words, you haven’t clue. Oh, hell, that was a redundant statement.

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