How will Apple remake iPod touch – and when?

“We think there’s still a huge market for the iPod touch, such as people who don’t want to pay a minimum $70 per month for phone and data service, people who use non-AT&T wireless carriers, and people who like keeping their mobile phone and MP3 player separate,” Vasanth Sridharan writes for Silicon Alley Insider.

“So we don’t expect Apple to leave the iPod touch alone. But if it’s going to become the first ‘mainstream wi-fi mobile platform,’ as the company has been calling it, it needs some improvements,” Sridharan writes.

Specifically, we’d like to see:
• More storage for the same price
• A camera
• Mic and speakers
• Version(s) with 5- and/or 7-inch screen(s)

Sridharan writes, “We think some of these changes could come as early as this fall. We don’t expect Apple to do much to the iPod touch during the back-to-school shopping season — during which they’re giving away iPod touches to Mac buyers. But sometime around mid-October…”

More in the full article here.


  1. I would like to see the following on the next iPod touch:

    – External Volume Controls (to change the volume when the iPod is in your pocket or other times when you can’t pull the iPod out)
    – iPhone-style headphones with track-changing controls (previous/next)
    – Built-in Speaker
    – Plastic back (a la iPhone 3G) instead of chrome back so we don’t have to deal with scratches
    – GPS-enabled Google Maps
    – Vibrate (so you can get push notifications for e-mail or eBay or other similar apps without having to keep pulling the iPod out of your pocket to check for notifications and to allow for force feedback in games sold through App Store)

  2. I might be in the minority but I’d like a small dedicated physical button to switch to the next or previous song without having to hit the home button and then look at the screen to find the virtual skip button. If I’m running or mowing or whatever it’s just kind of a hassle. I know, I know… it’s a tough life.

  3. the touch needs the speakers that have mentioned, and a chat camera (and ichat!) as has been mentioned, and 2 sizes, the current, and a 7 inch. then add more storage and give the 7 inch mini usb and the MBA remote optical disc tech and the lineup is nearly perfect…..

  4. “I might be in the minority but I’d like a small dedicated physical button to switch to the next or previous song “

    has anyone tried the i{hone headphones with a touch? does it skip?

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