Adobe patches critical security flaw in Acrobat, Adobe Reader

Adobe has issued a security update for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader.

The patch plugs a critical flaw that Adobe said cause the application to crash and could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.

Adobe recommends users of Acrobat and Adobe Reader update their product installations using the instructions above to protect themselves from potential vulnerabilities. Adobe Reader 7.1.0 and Acrobat 7.1.0 are not vulnerable to this issue.

More info and download links here.


  1. Geez,

    Who the hell still uses Acrobat or Adobe Reader? Oh, that’s right Windows users…

    Honestly, aside from the strong-as-a-year-old-discarded-paper-lunch-sack-partially-eaten-by-snails “security” options, what reason would anyone… ANYONE… on a Mac have to use Acrobat… likewise, aside from wanting to “experience” (endure) the signature bad application design and low performance of redundant Adobe products, why would a Mac user EVER want Adobe Reader?

    No, I mean it… I can’t find a SINGLE reason to use either, and I prefer to work with PDFs.

  2. When I was still using 10.3, Acrobat Reader 5 wasn’t that bad. It launched reasonably quickly and was more compatible with new PDF files than Preview was. But now, with Adobe Reader 8, it’s over 100 Mb, a complete pig of an application, and Preview no longer has compatibility issues that I’ve noticed. Adobe really has to go back and make a “Reader”. Not some stupid enterprise collaboration app that also happens to read pdf files.

    And Adobe, thanks for adding the ability to add annotations to pdf’s, then adding the ability for publishers to not permit you to add annotations. Brilliant!

  3. And I just saw a notice for Acrobat 9, now with the ability to embed Flash into PDF’s. Great, now I can buy a pdf, and the publisher can also embed live advertising into the pdf as well so they can get even more revenue [not price the pdf lower, they just make more money]. And I’ll bet there is a ‘can’t forward past this page until the page lets you’ feature [just like a dvd]…

  4. While I grant you that Acrobat Reader has been eclipsed on the Mac platform by the products mentioned above, some of us use Acrobat Professional on our Macs to create pdf forms.

    Until someone gives me an alternative, that is.

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