Microsoft launches biggest Mac-related hiring initiative since MacBU inception

The Macintosh Business Unit (MacBU) at Microsoft is growing and Microsoft is launching their “biggest hiring initiative since the inception of MacBU eleven years ago.”

According to Microsoft’s Craig Eisler, MacBU is “hard at work planning for products beyond Office 2008, and we are growing our team to help turn our vision into reality.”

“We offer the feel of a small company with a strong team culture of innovation, creativity, and creating great user experiences. We combine the power of Office with the latest Mac technologies to create world class products – we develop exclusively for Macs, and we love ’em,” Eisler blogs.

Eisler offers up some reasons to join MacBU, including:

• We are the brightest, coolest, and most interesting business unit at Microsoft – if we do say so ourselves
• One of the largest dedicated Mac software development organizations outside of Apple
• We work for Microsoft and we are proud of it!

So, if you can’t get a job at Apple, Microsoft’s MacBU is hiring for multiple roles (Program Managers, Developers, Testers, User Experience, and Marketing) in Redmond and Silicon Valley. Send your resume to

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ampar” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, Microsoft can read the market share trend charts, too.


  1. I don’t trust them. They’ll hire a Mac expert, then they will insert a nanobot inside his head to steal all the great creative ideas that only Mac users have. Then MS will copy and call it their own.

  2. So does this mean that they’re gonna finally port Outlook, Access, Visio, Publisher, etc. to the Mac? Or that they’ll just keep adding bloat to Word, Excel, Power Point, and Entourage (while breaking simple things like search in the latter)?

  3. I’ve met a couple of the MacBU people and they really are the best thing about Microsoft. They have a huge bank of Apple computers to test their software on. According to legend, they even made some amazing stuff for Word, but were told by Bill himself to knock it off. Any new features were going to come out for Windows first, not the Mac.

  4. It’s a top priority because Messenger for Mac 8 needs to be even shinier.

    “insert a nanobot inside his head”
    They’re called ballmerbots. They’re designed to sweat the ideas out of you.
    Patent pending.

  5. “So, if you can’t get a job at Apple, Microsoft’s MacBU is hiring for multiple roles … “

    Yeh-heh-heh-hehessssssss . . . so in other words, if you can’t get a position working for de best, then why not come over here and apply for a job with de Federal government. You know, ’cause we’re actually trained TO SUCK! ! !

    Microsoft kind of reminds me of Leno: No matter how many times he says he’s leaving, he just hangs around a little longer and tries to stick it to Conan. Bloated, graying, insulting, derogatory . . . and those are just his jokes!

    And now Fallon’s taking over Late Night.

    I weep for de children . . .

  6. All programmers are already going for the iPhone SDK.

    By the way…. NOOOO, it is not true that all developers of the Hacked iPhone are going for the Symbian-Nokia or android SDK. They are just going to put they apps on the APP store and presto!. Well, not all the apps will be approve by apple, but at least 90% of them are (I am saying that because I saw that notice in ENGADGET).

  7. F*CK MICROSOFT. They’ve had YEARS to make Entourage as good as Outlook, and they NEVER have. Entourage PALES in comparison to Outlook. They have NEVER fixed major bugs in Word & Entourage that have been around since Word 98 and Entourage 2001! They have KILLED OFF every single Mac product outside of the Office suite. They do NOT care about their customers. GO TO HELL, MICROSOFT!

  8. Seems a stupid move by Microsoft if you ask me.

    I follow the advice of Afib (aka Ha, Ha and Ho, Ho [the last one being reference to his mother or something]) who – on the basis of some sort of insider knowledge – says that Mac sales are tanking and that Apple are fraudulently bilking their shareholders.

    Poor Steve Ballmer, once again made to look foolish by the evil, convicted pescatarian, Steven P. Jobs. If only he had Afib by his side to help him through life’s rocky and dangerous waters.

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