Photos of Apple Store, Sydney grand opening

MacDailyNews reader “cluster8” has posted photos of Apple Store, Sydney online over at flickr.

See them here.

In addition, MacDailyNews reader “Razor” has some more Apple Store, Sydney grand opening photos, also on flickr here.

Apple Store, Sydney address:
367 George St
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 8083 9400

More information, including store hours, map, schedule of events, and more here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “cluster8” for the heads up.]


  1. Nice store! The staircase is amazing.

    I’ve been to several stores and none feel like a typical cookie cutter fixture chain store… and I’ve designed retail stores and fixtures! There are a lot of pieces that are used over and over, obviously, but much of what’s in each each store feels like custom work.

    The funny thing is… and this just struck me… is that Apple Stores don’t really look or feel like what I think of as a store! It’s kind of ironic, especially given Apple’s retail success..

  2. @ Mr. Reeee:

    A while ago I read an article about the development of Apple’s retail stores. They actually used hotel/hospitality model for the stores because a significant majority of people said their best customer service experience was in a hotel. That’s probably why it doesn’t feel like a store – it was designed to feel like something else.

  3. Success is due to hard work and attention to detail.

    I went to the Apple Store at Montgomery Mall in Silver Spring, MD yesterday to look at the current iPhone and to check out the iPhone cases.

    I wanted to see the Speck ToughSkin – feel it, get an idea of how it might work for me when I get the 3G version in July.

    I spent a few mionutes surfing and checking out the function of the iPhone – just to assure myself that it will really work for me, and one of the folks (in a blue shirt) came up to me and asked if I needed anything. I told her about the ToughSkin and why I wanted to look at one. she disappeared, and I figured she was off to help someone else, as I had returned to the iPhone I was holding.

    Two minutes later, she was back, apologetically letting me know that they had sold out. I get the distinct impression that if they had had one in stock, she would have had one in her hand for me to look at!

    That’s service, with a smile!

  4. Just got back from the new store.
    Very impressive.
    The staff were a bit hyped up for Aussie standards but was all good fun.
    I want to know, Why don’t they sell merchandise? hats t-shirts etc.
    I would have bought a T.

  5. Apple fanbois living vicariously… again. What is it with you people? Are your lives so pathetic that you have to observe other people’s excitement to bring a little joy and elation to your dim and gray existences?

  6. @ Ha, ha

    I’m going to attempt to explain this elation that Apple users experience when a new store opens, or when we hear (yet again) that OS X kicks Vista in the tenders in a comparison review. Or that the iPod is still the king while the Zune is an embarrassment. (Are they still making the Zune?)

    I’m going to do this without resorting to name calling (if I can help it).

    Do you have a family, or friends whose accomplishments you celebrate and enjoy? Do you have a club or organization, even a sense of local or national pride when the body you consider yourself to be a part of excels and exhibits the extraordinary?

    Is there any sports team (United Rule!!!) whose exploits you follow, support, or enjoy? With the Olympics coming up, you will get to see millions of people getting joy from watching their athletes compete, from feeling a part of some group or other.

    Surely you understand the feeling of elation at being part of something big and special. Among Apple aficionados there exists an esprit de corp that might be more or less intense for each of us, but is still real.

    Before you say that we are not Steve Jobs and so have little if anything to do with Apple’s success, remember that any company is dependent on its customers for whatever success such company might enjoy (and Apple users are more responsible than most for Apple’s success). I think Steve would agree.

    Or, maybe you don’t identify with any of these examples. It’s possible that you just sit in a room pecking away at an inferior box, loathing the experience but proud that when it breaks you can fix it. Perhaps you shun human contact and feel that little people who enjoy sports or national pride are silly and foolish.

    Talk about a “gray existence”…

    Of course that’s not to say that you don’t know how to have a good time. I suppose it’s possible that the highlight of your day could be to go to a site that caters to something you hate, for people you can’t stand, abut a subject you detest so you can call someone an Apple “fanboi”.

    Even if we Apple fans were just getting joy from the excitement of others, isn’t that better than derision?

    Talk about pathetic…

    Hope this clears things up.


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