DisplaySearch: Apple grabbed 4.6% worldwide notebook share in Q1 08

“DisplaySearch has revealed its quarterly notebook PC shipment and forecast report which stated that 31 million units were shipped in the first quarter of 2008, noting that the notebook PC market shrank 6% on quarter, but increased 35% on year during the period. HP remained in the lead for seven consecutive quarters with a shipment around two million units over number two Dell in the first quarter of 2008,” Joseph Tsai reports for DigiTimes.

“There were also some significant shifts among the smaller brands, including Apple, which surged to number seven from eight in the first quarter after four consecutive quarters, while Asustek grew to number eight. Most of the other top-ten brands have maintained their ranking over the past several quarters, with the exception of Sony, which was originally ranked sixth in the third quarter of 2007, then slid to seventh in the fourth quarter of that year and has recently dropped down to ninth in the first quarter of 2008,” Tsai reports.

Full article here.

[Attribution: AppleInsider. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. Got any hard numbers of Macbook Air sales since January 2008?

    I suspect MBA sales peaked soon after release and have been in a nose dive ever since. Thus the utter silence at WWDC regarding Mac sales and the focus on the high-technology of Super Monkey Ball and Cro-Mag Rally.

    If you can dazzle Apple fanbois with hard statistics, divert their attention with childish games.

    Prove me different, Amp.

  2. @ We have a Winner

    No, Apple did not displace Asus/Austec (two names for same company).

    Asus is in the top 8 for the first time

    It looks like Sony was the big loser. But with 3% yoy growth, that seems obvious.

  3. Yeah, neither Ampar nor you have anything intelligent to say about MBA sales statistics. You fanbois must be too busy playing Monkey Boy on your iPhones.

    Owing to Apple’s silence, I still hold to my hypothesis that MBA sales have been tanking after initial release. If sales of MBA were robust wouldn’t Apple be proudly announcing how well MBA was selling?

    C’mon, fanbois, prove me wrong. Show me the numbers!

  4. @Hey, Cubert

    <If sales of MBA were robust wouldn’t Apple be proudly announcing how well MBA was selling?

    C’mon, fanbois, prove me wrong. Show me the numbers!>

    Gee dude, care much?!

    It is only U who seems to care about MacBook Air and it is only U making sales claims. Plainly, it is only U who needs to show numbers. Oh wait…U don’t have any…


  5. On, my gawd. You have figured it out – all by yourself! You want a cookie?

    Yes, I have all Apple’s 2008 sales statistics right here in front of me – and I’m not sharing them with you. Good grief, these numbers are horrible.

    Oh, man, these figures are pathetic. I understand why Steve Jobs has been so gaunt. I’d lose my appetite, too, if I saw these data.

    But, you’ll never gaze upon this dog vomit. I’m keeping them just to myself.

  6. “Gee dude, care much?!|”

    Do ya think? Excellent deductive skills there, Sherlock. It’s not like I’ve been asking, imploring, and challenging you fanbois to produce Apple’s 2008 sales data. At what point during your existence did you suddenly realize that I really do have an interest how well or how poorly Apple’s products are selling?


    Well, since you know less than I do about Apple’s sales statistics, I reckon that that make you a bigger loser than me.

  7. Guys … WWDC is a Developer’s Conference, not a hardware conference. They DID intro the new iPhone, but mainly in the context of “here’s what you can program it to DO”.
    Word on the MBA is:
    a) sales started strong
    b) sales slumped after the initial surge
    c) sales recovered after the secondary slump
    Do we really need to mention that, even during the slump the MBA pulled in a bunch of gawkers who bought *something*?
    As for Ampar, he DID bring up the topic of the MBA when he capitalized “Air”. We all know him well enough to understand that “subtle indication”.
    Asus moved from “off the chart” to the place Apple vacated moments before. Meanwhile, Sony tried to pull a vanishing act.

  8. looks to me like Sony lost share to Apple. Out of the list, both Apple & Sony make higher end, more expensive laptops than the others. So those with the extra cash to spend, are opting to buy more Apple. I am sure that’s not the whole story, but it just shows that there are plenty of folk willing to spend more on a new laptop.

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